My name is Erica, and I'm an 18 year old college freshman. I was raised in a Christian home, and blindly followed the faith for many years.

I think that I stopped believing in God when I got to high school. I had a number of friends who "came out", and my fellow Christian friends would not tolerate them any longer. I saw friendships that had started in kindergarten crumble apart in a matter of days.

Christians teach love, yet I saw them practice only judgment. I could not be a part of that, and I will not be a part of that.

I found this website through my good friend Kris Scofield, and so far I'm really diggin it. I love the interface, and just the idea of having a networking site targeted towards people living happy lives withOUT religion absolutely fascinates me.

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Welcome to "Think Atheist". I'm only new here myself and I know exactly where your coming from.

We're all friends here. :)
Welcome to T|A! Feel free to ask questions, we're all pretty friendly here. :)
Hi! Glad to have you here!
We are a growing community of free thinkers. Please feel welcome to express opinions, check out news links, read others experiences and just socialize!
Hi Erica, glad to have you. It's nice to see you stand firmly behind your beliefs (or rather non-belief rather). Stick with it and you'll see it'll pay off.


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