I am starting a campaign in my southern town of Forest City, North Carolina and will be taking it to the next level with your help! I have a permit for Sept. 1st and will be recording full coverage and when we leave is when the camera turns off.


My name is CJ, I'm 21 years old and I have a son. I have just now enrolled into college starting with 13 credit hours and will be heading back to work sometime in October as a full time employee and not limited to but including my son which is 16 months old :)

I have a passion to show the south that Atheists aren't afraid, we're tired of the child hood indoctrination, and 300 churches in my town... and I'm pushing god out of the town? Haha.

I've saw some Christians holding signs in this public area for a while now every weekend or so... I decided what the hell... Evil_monster

My turn: It was my friend and I holding a sign each. Mine says "There is no God" with the 3 lines to lowercase the g in god Coffeedrinker His simply said Honk for Atheists and Non-Believers... My friends cell phone overwrote the best videos... so what I'm posting below is just after what happen the first and before the second incident.

1st. One vehicle pulls up and offers a pamphlet; then another vehicle pulls behind him with the same... but approaches me to my personal space and puts the pamphlet in my face and as I look to read... he snatches MY board that says There is no god and takes off.

I called the Police to notify them and they arrived and understood it was theft. Nothing after that of course...Hobo


2nd. A silver car stops across the bypass in the grass median while a male and two females quickly approach and scream about our signs. The girl throws a full unopened bottle of water with it striking my in the throat and jaw... I simply shrug it off and dodge the second one and take a step towards her and say you wanna go to jail? This tough guy steps up to me and says do something. I stepped up to him; shocking his idea of trying to punk me down, since he was much more ripped than so he threatens to knock me and my friend out at the same time. I laughed and stepped to him and said go ahead hit me and go to jail.

After all... they started to leave and I am in North Carolina where it's hot, so I said thank you for the cold water. Unfortunately this is not what's on the video.


I purchased pepper spray for a situation like this again, but first I would like to ask for some advice... on anything? Please don't give me the just don't do it because you know it will cause this and that... no fuck that... I'm not backing down because of these intolerant losers. Anyways, if you want have a go at the video lol.

I'm in the orange


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I can't literally imagine that. I live in California, certain places are retty religeous but nothing like THAT. (way to spread god's love) My advice would be to move the fuck out of the bible belt lol, doesn't help I know..

I really feel for you dude.


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