I'm new here and just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. As the title suggests, I'm a Brit, currently living in Tucson. I used to think religion was mostly harmless - until I moved to this side of the pond...

I stumbled upon this site a little while ago and have been enjoying reading the various discussions, but somehow never got around to joining.

I think what finally persuaded me to join where a couple of articles I read earlier on the RightWingWatch website that made me really despair for the future of humanity. I guess I was feeling more than a little helpless in the face of such enormous bigotry and hatred. You could say it was the final straw!

I'm hoping this group of freethinkers will be able to supply some of the much lacking sanity and restore my faith (for want of a better term!) that we're not all doomed.

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Have you found the Tucson Atheists yet? They meet once a month at the Denny's on Speedway. Here's some more information:


they/we are good peoples :)

Thanks for the info. Sounds like fun.

My husband's always warning me that I should be careful about expressing my views too publicly because, as he puts it, I could "lose a lot of friends". I'm not quite so sure about this. I mean, I've never thought that being an atheist is anything to be ashamed of. Quite the opposite in fact!

But it would still be nice to be able to have a discussion with people knowing that it's not going to turn into a bitter argument. 

Hi Lorraine - from another Brit living this side of the water. And your quote about religion being harmless is exactly the same thing I mentioned in my intro earlier. Anyway just wanted to say hello


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