I have been reading this board for about a week now , ever since i added Think Atheist to my twitter account and found all these interresting discussions going on.

So i decided to make an account for myself and perhaps start a discussion or add a reply myself.

I did feel a bit daunted though, seeing how many of you seem to be very eloquent and knowledgeable  about almost everything :)


I did become an atheist because even though i was raised as a christian i've never seen so much as a shred of evidence of what is written in the bible.

And i guess the fact i love science and technology might have something to do with it :)

And even though my parents were quite relaxed in their teaching me about religion, i think it hurts my mom  that i'm an atheist, in fact she told me she blamed herself for not teaching me better, i said i'm glad you did'nt.

My mothers family lives in a small town that is very religious, so i probably will never tell them i'm an atheist and just smile and nod when they bring up their religion :)


Luckily here in the netherlands about 60% of  the population here could be called atheists, except in the biblebelt ofcourse (yes we have one here aswell)  :)

So being an atheist here is not really a big deal thankfully.


Anyway , thats a bit about me i guess, i hope it was coherent enough seeing as english is not my native language.

I'm not sure how active i will be though (busy with all kinds of things) but it's nice to know there are more atheists around then i thought :)


Greetz, Jerry




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Thank you, glad to be here :)


Welcome Jerry.Your english is fine.

Welcome Jerry!  I came here the same way you did, although it was mainly because some crafty atheist recognized me on twitter and followed me.  Then I followed them, then same as you. :)

Welcome to T|A Jerry! Your English is just fine, and it was good to hear your story. I hope you enjoy the site and our many interesting discussions.


Welcome to the community!

Hey, welcome!  And your English is probably better than spoken by some of us on here!

Hey Jerry,


Greeting from Johannesburg in South Africa.

You are not alone my friend..many of us from all over the globe join forums like this so that we too can learn.

Learn from the experiences, ideas and philosophies of other people

I was born to Jewish parents and grew up and was raised as Jewish..I still live in a very densley populated Jewish area, but I am fortunate to live in a society that accepts freedom of expression, belief and religion..and so gladly and openly admit to being a skeptic and non beleiver..


have a good day




Jerry, welcome to TA. I hope you like it here. :)



I can relate to you when it comes to upbringing: a relaxed religious background; when I rejected it, it hurt my mother.


I also feel quite daunted around here, but the universe itself is daunting. The only thing we can to is attempt to learn and understand.



Welcome!  I'm relatively new as well, nice to see you here. :)

Wow so many reactions, thank you all for the warm welcome :)


I've read that only like 30% of the population doesn't believe in anything in Netherlands (poll from 2005). I don't know how accurate it actually is, but even 30% rocks. Lucky bastard! In my home country is like 1%......


Anyway, welcome to Think Atheist!


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