I'm happy I found an online community for non-religion. I don't have very many secular/atheist friends IRL, and telling the people in my life about my non-belief will likely cause a torch and pitchfork uprising. Especially from my family.


I know it shouldn't, but I'm still amazed at the hypocrisy of those who claim to be religious. Take my family as an example. Or more specifically, my mother. She hasn't been into a church in years, doesn't live like she's believed in anything, but as soon as she finds out I'm an atheist, she freaks out.


I had to tell her I'm not *really* an atheist, but I strongly question religion and don't know what I believe. It lessened the edge, but I feel dirty for lying. Lying to protect my mother, true, but I shouldn't have to lie or hide myself. I hid my sexuality for a long time and now I'm hiding my lack of religion.


As much as I dislike hiding it, I'd rather not have my mother continually say "You're going to hell, how can you not believe in god? Why would you risk it? What if there really is a Heaven and Hell?" And so on and so on. It would never end. I told her once that I have faith in science because of the things science has proven; ie, carbon dating on fossils that prove the world is billions of years old, whereas religion claims the world is much younger than that. Her response was basically that regardless what science says, religion is right and she believes it.


Anyway, that's my frustration. Like I said, I'm happy to find a site of like-minded individuals. I can tell by reading some of the posts that actual discussions go on here, and not a bunch of:


"ZOMGS why you no believe in god yur going to hell how you gonna be a godless heathen?!?!?!?!!!!1111111"


It pained me to write that sentence.

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welcome on board,

hiding and lying badly damages our inner peace, engraves bipolarity in your personality... sometimes when I see myself in a mirror, I fell that this person isn't the real me !

but we have to, I keep telling every western : "you are lucky".... it can be thousands times worse

you hide your thoughts in order not to piss someone off, others hide it to keep their lives!


you are intelligent and living in a free country "i guess", use that and create your own world.

some are ready to pay everything, to be in place where they can express themselves without the risk of being killed

its your choice

care about ppl's emotions, our about yours.



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