Hey guys, greetings from Turkey.

A little bit about me;
I'm 18, an atheist (I never was religious) and I thought I'd join :)
I love drawing (on paper and tablet/PS), programming, and math/geometry. So I'm a part-time nerd.
I don't like reading that much unless it's a rant or something informative, a mix of both is the best.
Movies.. ah yes, save the boring love stories. I love every Rambo movie, Karas, Afro Samurai, Hellsing ova, anything with Jason Statham (he can kick james bonds ass in a second), Saw and so on.

Now something about where I come from:
I grew up in Germany, but I live in Turkey now.
Turkey is a Muslim nation, not as hardcore as Iran or some other nations, but it's still tough to stay "smart" over here. I actually even have to act like I'm Muslim so people don't start mocking me for being "crazy" or "retarded" (because if you ask them, their deity is indisputable, because the holy book says so, and if you deny anything you're "dumb and uneducated"... yeah yeah)

I was skipping through the forum and saw a post titled "Evidence is all around us", know where I heard that phrase the first time? Religion class ;D. It's really lame. And I begin to realize that I need people to exchange thoughts. People that I can have an intelligent conversation with about Earth and God without fearing that the person I'm talking to will try to convince me pf how cool his invisible person is :-/

I hope you guys will welcome me :) (although I talk too much), and I'm sorry if my English is a tad crappy, the math they teach us is epic but when it comes to English it's about "hello my name is _____, this is a pencil, thank you very much". Thank god for rich learning sources like South Park and Chuck, hehe.

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Welcome from me too, from the UK.. I just think all cultures should meet and mix with open minds and to reason with logic and proof of what exists and what does not. I just believe in friendship .
Look forward to our discussions.
Welcome.Never mind about your english.It's brilliant.
I don't know about those Muslims, but MY invisible person is awesome! His name is Bob and he has freakin' cake!

Welcome to T|A :)
welcome to Think Atheist... that is an impressive moustache you have there. lol

anyway, the only thing I can think of to say in response to your post is, move back to Germany!
Good to see another artist on here. Welcome to the site! :)
Cake? I'm in :D
And thanks everyone :) I already feel great here heh.


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