Hello fellow free thinkers! Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a new de-convert and just trying to find like-minded individuals to have intelligent conversations with.

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Thanks guys!

what made you convert?

It was a number of things really.  I had a strong foundation in Science and History and things like evolution for example  just didnt fit with what I had been "taught". I hate to refer to it as religious education because the two dont go together but thats exactly what happened.  My "religious education" and my college education and beyond just didn't jive.  From history to morality to science and mathematics none of my belief in God made sense anymore.

That is excellent.  My favorite way for someone to switch, which seems such a simple thing.  Some good stuff on this site, glad to have you here.

Thanks :-)  Any good stuff come to mind that I should check out? There is so much!

well anything really, most of the posts are pretty intelligent, the chat rooms has some lively discussion sometimes, really what ever tickles your pickle as far as what threads to read.  hell just start pointing and clicking.

I'd like to start a group. Thanks for the words of advice, there is a lot of funny stuff on here!

"Religious education" is usually an oxyoron, unless it's a dispassionate education ABOUT religion.

One of the best philosophy classes for me was Philosophy of Religion, and The History of Religious Ideas. Real eye openers. Both can generate the most amazing classroom heat during discusions.

Well since I went to a Catholic College my curriculum consisted of Judeo Christian....and other classes with religious undertones of course.  Unseen you actually learn in those places how to be a good Christian and how Jesus would want you to act, his teaching and how to apply them to your own life, etc...I agree it's an oxymoron, but the reality is for many who dont, it is in fact religious education.

Be sure to check out the sites' cooked baby recipes, I'm fond of the "baby fricassee" myself! 

Would the recipes be linked also with 'dead baby' jokes?


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