Hi there I just thought I'd drop by and introduce myself!


My name is Dave, aka Reaper.  I've been lurking on the site for a bit and thought I'd create an account.


I'm a 23 year old guy in Scotland who is fairly heavily into IT. I work for a national cable provider doing technical support for their userswhich is alright, fairly enjoyable.


I was never part of a religious group, my father was catholic and my mother protestant who met at Uni.  They raised me to think for myself and told me that if I chose to follow a religion they would support me.  I like questions though so I never grasped the concept of a diety of any kind, I was happy to not know how something worked without substituting in a god.  I attended a non-denominational christian school near to where I grew up and while we did occasionally have a minister/priest in every now and again that was about it.  The school and teachers focused highly on academic excellence rather than dogma, and while 95% of people at my school were either christian, agnostic or atheist there were at least a few hindus that I knew of.  I count myself very lucky that I was never indoctrinated or subjected to church.


I don't usually shout about my atheism but I do now and again, especially when others shout about how great their interpretation of god is.  I haven't really encountered any issues because of my lack of belief, those who need to know do know but if someone asks me I'll tell them without any problem.  I tend to keep my beliefs to myself at work, however because of the nature of my work and my colleagues the majority are actually atheists!


I'm sure my stay here will be enjoyable, if anyone wants to know anything else about me, just ask!

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