I'm really excited to become a part of this community.

My name is Christopher I am 27 and live in rural SW Wisconsin. I was brought up in a Lutheran/Christian environment. At the age of about eleven or twelve, I completely realized that none of what I was being forced to learn/accept made any sense at all. Looking back now the Nine inch Nails song 'Heresy" off of the album 'The Downward Spiral'(one of my very first cassette tapes) was, I think, a major influence in this regard. I didn't know what an atheist was at the time, but thinking about it now, I was about as close as you can get to being one at that age.

As far as about me in the now. I recently became engaged. I am be a pretty big geek. I enjoy science, hiking, drinking coffee and tea, listening to music and sometimes creating it. I also enjoy reading, playing with my three cats, gaming and much more.

My fiance and I recently moved back to our hometown to spend time with our families before moving away again. There aren't very many atheists(if any besides my fiance and I) to connect with where I live; psuedoscience runs rampant here and is exponentially getting worse. We are planning on moving to Seattle within the next year to year and a half and are anxiously awaiting the change in scenery.

-Thanks for reading:)

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Excellent introduction and a good read. I live in Columbia, South Carolina and can totally relate to your comment about pseudo-science running rampant. This site and twitter (among others) helps keep me sane. Welcome!

Welcome Christopher, this is a briliant site, with brilliant people - ESPECIALLY when  a xian drops into the atheist hole, where we are waiting - and by the by - luv your name lol.


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