I've been wandering around this site for a month-ish now and I figure it's probably about time that I say something.  I mean, I did go through the whole registration process, lol.  Some basics about me.  My name's Jon, I live in the US, going to a conservatory (fancy music school for those that don't travel in music snob circles, lol) to study bass trombone performance, and I'm the black sheep of the family as I'm the only atheist (or at least the only one who's openly atheist).


Was baptized Presbyterian and then just sort of stopped believing when no one I talked to could give me any good answers on basic religious questions I had (what happens to people that don't know about Christianity, how do we know if our sect is the right one, etc.).  After that I flirted with deism for a while and just recently realized that my views on god were basically atheism, so I chucked out the "god" bit and here I am.  So far I really like the site and it seems like there's a really nice community here.  Looking forward to roaming the boards and blogs.

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From one newb to another, welcome. Also, I couldn't help but notice your handle, you wouldn't happen to be a Terry Brooks fan would you?

I always do love it when someone catches where that's from.  I've read chunks of his stuff, though not all of it.  How about you?
I've read a large portion of his work, but I never got into the Landover series. Although I'm a non believer, I sure do enjoy fantasy.


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