I grew up in the South, where churches can be found on every corner. I went to church. I listened to the stories of the Bible and for a long time, I believed them to be literally true. When I was about 13, I started attending a youth group at my family's church. My faith in the Christian god became very strong at this point. So strongly, I then began to research every aspect of the Christian religion. I wanted to be that person who could spit out Bible verses and show those "devil sent" atheist a thing or two. Yet, as I searched, I found less and less about the "truths" of the Bible. Instead, I found reasons to believe I, and millions of people, were wrong. From there, I began searching for a "new" religion. I dabbled in paganism. It is a very interesting read, yet highly unbelievable. Then, I began to ponder the true question. "If there isn't "one true god," is there even a "god" of any type? Oh Em Gee, could it be? My spiritual path led me in a few directions from there. I am in the process of getting my blog up and running. I plan to go into more details on my journey of un-enlightenment there.


At 24 years old, I am finally ready to say to the world "I am Atheist." Although, I am not completely "out" to my religious family, I am honest with myself. That, in the end, is all that matters.


Please check out my blog. There's only one post as of now but I will be working on it over the next few months. There's also a link there to follow my new Twitter page. I look forward to discussing topics with everyone here!


Atheist Ali


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OMG, yes!  There was a guy that always came to our campus screaming obscenities and damning everyone to hell because of what they looked like or what they were wearing.  Quite entertaining.


@Bennett your not over stepping at all.  Your probably right.

Would you happen to remember this guy's name? Because he sounds exactly like a guy who comes to our campus all the time.

No, lol.  He was just known as the crazy god guy.  A friend of mine used to run up behind him and make funny faces while we snapped pics...


He didn't like that at all!

I did something like that to our guy. Except instead of making funny faces, I was dressed as Jesus. And dancing behind him as he spoke.

Street Preachers are the best. The good ol' SP's in SC stand downtown in front of bars, waiting on people who are all liquored up. haha A friend suggested that we print out Atheist pamphlets and stand beside them and preach Atheism. I'm tempted to do it this summer.

Hullo! Atheist in Dixie as well.


No we don't have it easy. I am glad i live in a city as i imagine it can be hard for new atheists living in small towns. I remember driving through a small town in Mississippi with "You're all going to Hell." billboards everywhere and would've hated to have spent more than ten minutes there.


Stayed in my car and locked the doors.

Yea, I'm sure there are towns a lot smaller than mine that face more difficult situations but I still see signs on every other billboard, "God is waiting for you at blah blah blah church". I've seen a street sign, YES A YELLOW STREET SIGN supplied by the state, that had a little picture of a church on it and it simply read "Church." I mean really people do we need a street sign to tell us there's a church up ahead? I'd rather know about the big curve that's just passed it.

gotta love that separation.. speaking of.. wonder how many of them are mislead..  these things make me tire of people in this world.
The gap is slowly closing between church & state. Pretty much everything I read in the news makes me tired of people. Ignorance is rampant.
certainly disheartening to say the least
Ali, thanks for sharing and welcome to T|A!
Welcome! You're now in the company of lovely people that share your thoughts.


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