I grew up in the South, where churches can be found on every corner. I went to church. I listened to the stories of the Bible and for a long time, I believed them to be literally true. When I was about 13, I started attending a youth group at my family's church. My faith in the Christian god became very strong at this point. So strongly, I then began to research every aspect of the Christian religion. I wanted to be that person who could spit out Bible verses and show those "devil sent" atheist a thing or two. Yet, as I searched, I found less and less about the "truths" of the Bible. Instead, I found reasons to believe I, and millions of people, were wrong. From there, I began searching for a "new" religion. I dabbled in paganism. It is a very interesting read, yet highly unbelievable. Then, I began to ponder the true question. "If there isn't "one true god," is there even a "god" of any type? Oh Em Gee, could it be? My spiritual path led me in a few directions from there. I am in the process of getting my blog up and running. I plan to go into more details on my journey of un-enlightenment there.


At 24 years old, I am finally ready to say to the world "I am Atheist." Although, I am not completely "out" to my religious family, I am honest with myself. That, in the end, is all that matters.


Please check out my blog. There's only one post as of now but I will be working on it over the next few months. There's also a link there to follow my new Twitter page. I look forward to discussing topics with everyone here!


Atheist Ali


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That sounds almost exactly like my story to atheism!  I however, have not told my family.  But, I'm the atheist girl according to people my age in my small hometown.  Fortunately, I don't live there anymore.  


One time this guy with a disgusting personality and horrible morals (all around bad person) told me that he had no respect for me and was a waste of life because I did not believe in a god :(

how christian...
To be fair, judging people is fun. You should've just told him you had no respect for him because he's an ass :D

You gotta love people who point their fingers in all the wrong directions.


Kasey, are you planning on telling them or are you just going to ride it out and see what happens?

Probably going to just ride it out.  Honestly, my parents aren't extremely religious.  My dad does watch a crap-load of FOX news and is very very conservative and he is the only one I would be worried about and is probably the one I don't want to disappoint the most.


He tells me all the time that college students are brainwashed into liberals... I graduated from SHSU last December and have yet to tell him that I lean more to the left.  It would break his heart :(

Isn't it funny how something so simple, like being a liberal, an atheist or (god forbid) a liberal atheist, is so hard to talk to about among people of the other side? lol


My mother's side doesn't worry me as much as my father's. His sister's children go to a (k4-college) school where if you are caught kissing, smoking, eating at a place that serves alcohol, drinking alcohol or being in the same room as the opposite sex without a chaperon, you are expelled. Being unwed & pregnant....ooo that's bad. I can see a Bible smack down coming the day they find out. :)

Isn't it such fun to be an atheist in the South? xD


Glad you're here, welcome to the party. You'll figure out the "coming out" issue eventually, and when you finally do it, it may actually be easier than you think.

Ya know, some people believe the Southern Atheist is only myth. I'm here to tell those people that we do exist!
That's why I'm here too. Surrounded by crazy theists every day, this place definitely helps me prove to myself that there are parts of the world that haven't completely lost their minds...

It was easy with my friends... You can get new friends, not family.  


But, thanx!  I'm really starting to enjoy this website.  It's very rare to meet atheists in Texas, out here it always ends in a battle.  You can't argue with something that has absolutely no evidence to back it up, lol.

if i'm not overstepping, he's your father.  he'll care about you all the same.  mine is a southern baptist good ol' boy who loves his guns and hates 'them queers', however given time he eventually opened up, accepted my profession, and realized that his son was still his son.  not a fun road to travel, but delaying the inevitable doesn't make the inevitable easier.


again.. i hope i'm not over stepping.

Family tends not to be so bad, once they get past the initial shock. Unless you're in the WBC or something like that. I also hear Mormonism is particularly tough to leave.


And as to the "hard to find atheists in Texas"...you're telling me. I'm at A&M, the most godly public university in the nation. It's hard to be open about it there without getting mobbed by people who tell you you either a) are going to hell, you dirty heathen commie; or b) need to come to their bible study so they can show you the light.


I do love the healthy supply of street preachers though. Gives me people to debate and keeps me sharp. Plus, they're absolutely hilarious. xD


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