I grew up in the South, where churches can be found on every corner. I went to church. I listened to the stories of the Bible and for a long time, I believed them to be literally true. When I was about 13, I started attending a youth group at my family's church. My faith in the Christian god became very strong at this point. So strongly, I then began to research every aspect of the Christian religion. I wanted to be that person who could spit out Bible verses and show those "devil sent" atheist a thing or two. Yet, as I searched, I found less and less about the "truths" of the Bible. Instead, I found reasons to believe I, and millions of people, were wrong. From there, I began searching for a "new" religion. I dabbled in paganism. It is a very interesting read, yet highly unbelievable. Then, I began to ponder the true question. "If there isn't "one true god," is there even a "god" of any type? Oh Em Gee, could it be? My spiritual path led me in a few directions from there. I am in the process of getting my blog up and running. I plan to go into more details on my journey of un-enlightenment there.


At 24 years old, I am finally ready to say to the world "I am Atheist." Although, I am not completely "out" to my religious family, I am honest with myself. That, in the end, is all that matters.


Please check out my blog. There's only one post as of now but I will be working on it over the next few months. There's also a link there to follow my new Twitter page. I look forward to discussing topics with everyone here!


Atheist Ali


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Welcome! Don't rush it. It requires meticulous thought to get it right. We've all been there.

We welcome you with open arms! If you need any support or advice always ask! What you are doing is brave and moral and will bring to you a sense of freedom and pride like you have never known!

Hey, I didn't reply directly to you so I'm not sure if you saw it....see below lol

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! I'm glad there's a place where we are able to freely speak about our views, no matter how they differ from "mainstream".


@ Katie- It can be difficult to tell someone who believes in heaven and hell, that you don't share their same opinion. In their minds, we are facing the ultimate punishment from their loving god. On one particular side of my family, when (and I say "when" because I actually HOPE there is a day when they do know)..when they find out I am atheist and will be raising my 3 year old daughter as an atheist, I will more than likely be shunned from the family. That shows how deep their faith runs.

I would label (yea, we all hate labels, but they're there) my hubby as an agnostic. I think I've helped him see the light on Christianity. He doesn't really like to discuss this stuff much but I do think he leans more toward the atheist point of view now.

Thanks for the tip. I'll post a reply to her message.


I have a feeling that is the way my "non-denominational" side of the family will react when they find out. Even though there would be a lot of "hush, hush" at Christmas time, I'm sure there will also be a lot of talk at the their church about my husband, my daughter, and me.

Thank you for sharing and welcome!

Congratulations for embracing Atheism  organically .

I award you an honorary degree in self criticism  .

For verbiage  used however I feel additional  selfcriticism is called for ;)

Awesome startingpoint .Excitement and Motivation are just around the corner .


"Verbiage used" I'm am going to assume that means the words I chose to use. :) I think it may be the Southerner in me lol. It is my starting point. Check back in a few months. I hope my verbiage that I use gets better! :)
By the age of 7, I was of similar mind vis a vis Santa Claus and God: both were preposterous concepts, though at age 7 I probably had a different word for it.  My parents were desperate to get me to douse my head in water and have my foreskin amputated, both indignities I successfully evaded.  At age 12, they forced me to attend summer Bible school at a local Lutheran church.  I quickly became the teacher's favorite student because I was the only one who could recite, in order, all the books of the Bible ("Matthew, Mark, Luke, John..." - well - the New Testament, anyway; I don't think the Lutherans are too concerned about the Old Testament).  I received a certificate of achievement for that feat of memorization (which the teacher must have thought was God-given) and turned it over to my mother.  She was quite proud and asked me what I'd learned in the class.  I told her that I learned that it was all stupid - an opinion that has since been validated many times over.
It looks like you've been a logical thinker since early childhood. I wish I would've seen through the bullshit at an earlier age! :)
You're a free thinker, awesome. Welcome.
Welcome! I had a similar situation with some relatives myself. It does get easier, and I suppose it's all situational, however, take solace that there are people there who are standing with you.


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