Hi, my name is Kevin and I just joined the site today. I live in Columbus, Ohio and am a social worker and I have a ten year old son. Hoping to exchange ideas with like minded people and talk to people who aren't theists. I look forward to meeting people on the site and exchanging thoughts and ideas. 

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Welcome Kevin. Not one who has any experience on social media, I was rather stunned that a question I threw out had over 250 replies and stayed in the "top 10" for so long. The best way I think to get involved in this is to think up something that has come to your attention or has perplexed you and throw it out to the community here. This is a lively group of minds who will not disappoint you! Post it in the forum or as a blog. Have fun.

Thanks for the advice, I'll keep that in mind. 

Welcome and have fun

Welcome Kevin. I am from South Africa in the Province of Gauteng, in Midrand. This is my home in the cyberspace. You will be amazed at the lively debates and powerfully ideas that are shared on this site. Welcome again!!!

Thank you, I'm looking forward learning and sharing ideas.

Hello Kevin,

As a social worker do you find instances in your assisting others where theism/atheism is discussed? Or is this considered a taboo subject in your line of work? 

I have yet to see atheism discussed when assisting others. The overwhelming majority of my clients express some sort of religiosity/faith. As a social worker, it is my job to meet the client where they are at and to not impose my views. And among co-workers, i have yet to encounter an atheist. That's what gets frustrating. The people i meet tend to be religious, and extremley so. That's a big reason I'm on this site, to find people who think like I do. 

Hey Kevin!!!


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