My name is Kat and I live near Boston and am the mom of 4 kids.  My oldest was diagnosed with a nasty, terminal (genetic) brain disease over 3 years ago and the amount of "God" "Prayer" comments have pushed me to realize that I am an atheist.  I never held religious beliefs but my journey in life has brought me to you and to join this site.  My parents were raised Christian and my mother had to attend so much church growing up that she never forced us to go.  

I wish people would stop pushing their beliefs down my throat.  If the roles were reversed and I started pushing my beliefs on them, I'd lose friends rapidly.

Thanks for having me.  I'm 34 and like Jeeps, my friends (Christian, Atheist or otherwise), red wine and DNA. <3

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Hi Kat and welcome.  I'm sorry to hear about your son.  I hope you post more on this site and that you feel as comfortable as all the new members here are encouraged to feel.

She is a girl. :)  Thank you for having me.

I know.  :) Don't sweat it.  

Welcome, I hope you have fun here. You should invite your children here too, if they're old enough they might like it as well.

And a little tip, when you want to reply to a specific post, just try the "Reply" link directly in that post. That way it's easier to follow who you're answering to :)

Hey Kat - welcome aboard. I've always been atheist, I also have a daughter (and son) and I like red wine, too - kk

Welcome Kat.  :)

I'm with you about people not attempting to fill my brain with their wackjob beliefs. But for me it goes the same for vegetarians, vegans, Zeitgeist movie fans, people devoted to oddball miracle cures, conspiracy theorists, and so on. 

What about people who are part of the vegan conspiracy to foist homeopathy on us all?

Welcome Kat.  If you haven't actually been goaded into throwing things at those prayer offering people, then you probably should be nominated for an atheist sainthood.

Hey and welcome.
Hope you and your family is well (you hopefully know what I mean), despite the hardships you go through

Welcome Kat and have fun while around here

Welcome Kat - I'm glad you're here, but sorry for the reason. What is the status of your eldest, if it doesn't make you uncomfortable to talk about it?

She has Juvenile Batten Disease, age 12 with a life expectancy of late teens to early 20's.  She has gone completely blind and is currently losing her brain cells (aka the abilities to walk, talk, eat and think).  It sucks but acceptance has allowed me to move on with our lives and give my children (including and especially her) some really badass memories. :)


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