Hi everyone!

I've been hanging around this little corner or the internet for a few days now and I like what I've seen so far so decided to join up :)

I'm from Ireland and was baptised as Roman Catholic as a baby. While my parents were never particularly religious, I can honestly say I've never believed in any of it and thankfully they never forced religion on me. I was schooled by the Catholic Church (about 95% of schools in Ireland have a RCC ethos) and often got into trouble for questioning Catholic teachings surrounding sexuality, feminism, marriage etc :)

I'm already out as an atheist. All my friends and family know about my lack of belief and for the most part, they are fine with it. I sometimes get a bit of grief when it comes to things like Lent (Obviously I dont observe it, which many people still raise an eyebrow about), Christmas, etc. 

Anyway, on a more personal note. I am a mature student, studying Environmental Science. I live with a ginger cat named Rusty, a greyhound called Casey and 3 chickens; Princess Layer, Hen Solo and Luke Skyclucker!

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Hello Seraphina! Welcome!!! I too am attempting to break into the Environmental Science/Sustainability/Renewable energy field coupled with the construction trades.....the possibilities are endless!

I'm so glad to meet you! Welcome to TA!

Thanks for the welcome Belle Rose :)

Environmental Science is a fascinating field. There's so many aspects involved in it!

I'm a total nature nerd so I'm drawn towards the areas of conservation and ecology. I have a few lecture notes on sustainable development, if you'd like to have a look at them sometime just drop me a line. I'd more than happily send them on.

Thank you!!! I would love to :-) I am also a "mature" student...going back to school after a 10 year absence....it's a lot harder as a single mom!!!

I too enjoy nature...I can't WAIT for my son to reach the age when we can do some "REAL" hiking. I live in a climate that imagine may be similar to yours, and the hiking opportunities are endless! But until I can trust him to "STOP" on demand without question we are not going into the back country. Local parks and semi-urban trails will have to do....for now....

This may seem like an odd question, but since you seem further along in your studies than me (I start school tomorrow!)...what are the "big" upcoming career opportunities that you see in Ireland? I've been hoping to find a way to potentially live and work overseas, and as a US citizen that is harder than one might think unless you are in the "right" field....I know our field will be swarming to find qualified people.....I'm wondering in you know what areas I might look into in Ireland :)

No problem :) And well done for getting back into it. It's tough but if it's a subject that you enjoy then that's half the battle really.

I'll have a dig through my notes when I get back from work this evening and send on a few bits and pieces. I've just had a thought though.... As I'm in Ireland a lot of the notes refer to EU legislation and international agreements like the Kyoto Protocol (Which the US isn't a signatory to), so they might not be very relevant to your studies but they'll certainly help you get an understanding of the standards and goals used in the European Union. 

Right now, the sector is dead in Ireland. Sustainable infrastructure is the domain of energy companies (Semi-state) and government bodies...there's been an embargo on state and semi-state jobs for the last 6/7 years and there's no sign of them opening their doors up for many years yet :(

Currently there's a market for sustainable agriculture advisers. There's a project running right now called "Food Harvest 2020" to increase Ireland's agricultural output by 33% 2020. But I would imagine that once the 2020 deadline has passed, there'll be a glut of advisors and very little work.

Another promising field is eco-tourism/wildlife tourism/adventure tourism. It's something that has only recently started to 'catch on' here in Ireland and it looks like it could be a very solid industry to get involved with. Which is what I am going to focus on. I've decided to apply for a transfer to a different area of study (Field Biology) which I'll be starting in September. I already have a degree in tourism studies so getting the field biology degree will give me considerable scope in the area and I ultimately hope to work for myself.

WOW that sounds interesting, I haven't even heard of "eco-tourism..." that almost sounds like the beginning of a new "catch phrase" just as the "isms"....pretty soon it will be "eco" everything and we'll have to figure out what it all means, lol....

I'm only recently even becoming educated on the subject. My background is in the languages, (Spanish), sociology, (criminology) and the business world, but here in WA there is a large push towards green energy. I've recently attended a pre-apprenticeship program for women, which is hard to come by ANYWHERE, but I was able to get a lot of basic training in the trades -- all trades....

Now I'm looking to take that a step further. I truly believe that there will be demand as infrastructure falls apart, needs repair, rebuilding, and/or demolition and even for newly engineered city and residential plans, the green energy field will become an integral and vital part of how we do business - everywhere. I have no idea where my studies will take me at this point because I am somewhat imagining that I might have the opportunity to be a pioneer in the field, as a woman especially, since women in trade and engineering related fields are few and far between, (even less than the US Marine Corp!!!)

So with that said I do not know how my studies will translate into on the ground action, but step one: get  my math homework done before it's time to pick up my son! LOL!!!

Kudos to you my friend, for being part of an amazing movement towards sustainability, welcome again to TA, and it's such a pleasure to meet you! Let's keep in touch about this, on and off the public forum, We can private message also through TA and I can give you my private email if you like as well..........

BTW: Do you know how the construction industry is currently in Ireland?

Sorry for so many questions!!! LOL


Thanks, Dan :)

Welcome to TA, Seraphina. I and four siblings survived Irish-dominated Catholic schools in Ohio and later in Florida, USA. To say teachers were strict understates the case. I now know some of them were hurting.

In college I chose agnosticism, and after 45 years of seldom giving religion a thought chose non-militant atheism. I live in a war veterans retirement home and most of the nearly 1000 residents are lapsed xians. Few of them go to Sunday services. Many know I'm an atheist. Most of them are decent folk, and when circumstances allow I say that if I hadn't spent 12 years in Catholic schools I might still believe there's a god.

Again Seraphina, welcome to TA.

Thanks, Tom!

Mine were very strict too, but then I was a total nerd so always enjoyed school and did pretty well, so they left me alone for the most part. God help you (pardon the pun!) if you didn't toe the line though...they'd make your life hell!

Hi Seraphina. I'm also an ex-Roman Catholic. I hope life is good for you. 

Hi Peter!

Always nice to meet others with a similar background :) Life is pretty good, thanks :) Hope you are well and happy!

welcome to TA


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