I'm new to Think  Atheist , found your site via Twitter. Just wanted to come and say hello ! I'm 26 years old, originally from Cape Breton Island and now living in Ontario ! I'm getting married in October 2013, I love animals, hockey fan (PENS!) collect coins, study languages, and work in Cardiology. Love to chat to some people some time ! Oh yes, and the idea that anyone can believe in a deity aggravates the hell out of me :) Although the stories behind them can sometimes be interesting ! Thats Mel C in a nut shell !

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Dear Melissa:

Hi back!

My wife and I live in the country outside Salem, Oregon.

Lisa and I married the sping of 2004, and now manage the family property as protected habitat and sanctuary for threatened plants and animals.

We have two puppies that are two of our joys. They get us out of the house, and into the world for play and exploring.

My wife finished her masters in child education and speech patholgy. I have one degree in environmental science, and most of my hours for a philosophy degree with a mathematics minor.

My wife is a local folk singer. I have maintained a contracting business till this last February.

Lisa and I have very different metaphysical commitments. Lisa is more newage, while I have had a more humanist/atheist/science experience.

Hope the weather in Ontario is ok, we have had partly cloudy with showers.


Hey, I'm Portland via Albany, and have a BA in philosophy. Plus James is my middle name. Neat!

Dear Stutz:

Hope you are well. If James becomes overused, you can call me Puck!


Welcome to Think Atheist Melissa. Plenty of us are aggravated by the same thing lol.

welcome Melissa

Aggravation?  Geez, let me count the ways.  One of my favorites is "If you are an atheist and don't like that America is a Chrstian nation, leave" [and it isn't, another trope of theirs that aggravates me].

Aggravations aside, welcome to Think Atheist!

Dear Folks:

I was of the empression that the first groups represented on the continent were quaker and/or puritans. There were trying to excape oppression atleast that seems how the story goes.. 

Thanks for all the welcomes people :) Muchly appreciated ! Its nice to meet all of you !!!

Glad you found us Mel C! I landed here from stumbleupon.

Gotta warn you, there are a few weirdos here, of which, I am proudly one. Bounce around to the other forums/discussions, see what you like, and jump in! Even theists are welcome here, as long as they make at least a smattering of sense.

Dear Folks:

In my experience, most people are outlyers, 'normal' is for statistics and dryer settings!


Welcome, Melissa... :) 


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