I just joined because I really need a support group.  I'm surrounded by Christianity.

I've been feeling really horrible lately because I can't stand the thought that so many of my friends and members of my family are delusional.  I've always internalized this, but I feel it bubbling to the surface.  It hurts me to know they feel so free to spread the nonsense, but knowing I can't be as free without being demonized, or at least pitied.  But, recently I've been feeling pity for them.  Not outwardly, but inside, and I feel it because I look at them clinging to religion, and waiting for Jesus to come back and it's just so pathetic.  I don't want to feel this way about basically everyone I know.  It's disturbing.  I don't even know how to begin dealing with this and these feelings.  I love my friends and family.  I hate religion.  I was brought up to love no one greater than God and Jesus, I literally felt guilty for years because I loved my grandmother more.  I'm over that now, I'm 40, I quit going to church when I was 17, but that's how pathetic I was when I was a kid.  I look back now and I'm so angry at people for teaching children from birth that this stuff is real.  It's a cult.  I have teen daughters and I've raised them the way I wished I was raised.  With love, compassion, honor, dignity, truthfulness, knowledge, and the total absence of religion. 

Not necessarily needing a place to vent (though, I will when something pisses me), not needing to push any agendas (though I may support them), I just really NEED a support system.  I can't keep this inside anymore, I can't. 

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Yeah me too. 
Thank you Gary.

First, accept this truth: you (and I) are SUPERIOR!

Second, let your friends and relatives believe whatever they want.  Their ignorance should not be your problem...

...unless, of course, they try to influence or coerce you or your daughters; in that case, all bets are off and you shouldn't feel bad for them when you tell them they are, as you point out, DELUSIONAL!

You're right, thank you!  Questions have been asked of my them, but they're very smart kids who can't be coerced.  They don't have the guilt built into them, so they are very matter-of-fact when replying to questions of faith, god, death, and their "eternal soul". 

The Universe was created by an omniscient magical sorcerer. What could possibly be wrong with that notion?

LOL, that reminds me, my kids like the flying spaghetti monster.

Great!  I was Saucy Wench on the Venganza (Church of the FSM) site going back to 2006.  It is strange, but it was in reading the hate mail from, mostly, Christians, that prompted me to start commenting.  The commenting led to conversations, exploring, and introspection, and it was during that time I stopped apologizing for being an atheist.  I found out what I DO believe, which is ok with me.

A bunch of us who were commenting on Venganza are still friends today, and a huge source of support.  We get together in real life even, across oceans.  You never know what will happen.  I hope you find the support you seek here.  

Oh that's so awesome Diane!  What great friends you have made :D  That's really cool to know, can't wait to tell my daughters.  lol ;)

Christians are so damn touchy about their faith. (((rolling my eyes))) 

Another result of the whole FSM experience was that I started making a concerted effort to be more educated about Christian apologetics and the counterpoints to their arguments.  I wanted to be able to debate them intelligently.  Now I don't care much about debating them, but the knowledge I have gained has made me more impervious to their seemingly constant outreach attempts.

Yes, knowledge is power. 

We just started reading www.in-His-own-image.com.  We love it.  I looked at my husband today and said, who'd have ever thought we'd be sitting here reading this ALL DAY LONG.  lol  We were taking turns reading it out-loud to each other.  It's so informative and entertaining. 

I also got Richard Dawkins's book, The God Delusion from Audible.com (with one of my credits), I just love listening to him and Lalla Ward.

Unseen, you forgot to add: invisible undetectable... haha!

Very poetic.  I like that.  Thank you Blaine! 
I've found my oasis :D


I know it can be tough - I too am surrounded by Christianity, including most of my family.  This website is a nice place to vent, read commentary, and just realize their are many non-theists out there.  And, check out Nelson's Sunday school posts for interesting topics/links.


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