I'm new to Think Atheist, and new to this way of thinking as well. I'm a Stay-at-Home-Mom, a budding novelist, and I come from a relatively religious background. So far I've been able to avoid having my daughter baptized, or taken to Sunday School, but I will need some help when those battles arise. Raised non-denominational christian by my father who died in 2000. But I really started to question the idea of Organized Religion when my husband and I moved to Utah. And then I found the Skeptics Annotated Bible (http://skepticsannotatedbible.com/) and started to question everything I've been raised with. /sigh


Even though I know better, I still feel the urge to pray when I strap myself in on an airplane. And I still use curses like Jesus Christ, and Goddammit... Ha! But, I want to learn more. I want to get knowledgeable on where and how the Bible doesn't answer questions. I want to know the loopholes, I want to be able to stand my ground when I go home to visit the family.


So, that is why I'm here. Feel free to friend me, god knows I could use some secular friends. :) Hahaha




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Daniel Dennett is one of the most overlooked. Breaking the Spell is a fantastic read if you're into philosophy and science. And I second the Sam Harris recommendation. Hitchens is the hands-down live debate king...it's depressing he's lost his voice.

Welcome! :-) Feel free to post some discussions or chime in with questions. There are actually many people here that to interact and discuss with. Glad you found us.


By the way, just remember, you're safer strapping into a plane than into your car! lol

Welcome Bethany. I'm new to this site too. There are some great discussions going on - just wish I had more time to join in :-)


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