I'm Amber and I just came to see if I could find some intelligent discussion here, so far I'm very pleased and I'm enjoying myself greatly! If anyone ever wants to chit-chat my skype is in my profile--just let me know who you are when you add me or I might ignore you. 

And you can always message me on here, but I'm really bad at checking mail! Haha


I'm not vain, but I do tend to talk about myself more than I realize! I mostly identify this as the need to be /really/ understood by people. I'm always looking for people to whom I can relate and who can relate to me, so I suppose the best way to do that is to talk about yourself! (Still, really, there's no excuse beyond a borderline narcissistic fascination with my own inner workings to talk about myself as much as I do!)


But the whole point of this thread is to talk about me, so yay? Hehe


I've been an artist since very young always getting in trouble during school because I was doodling instead of paying attention--little did they know I could do both at the same time. 


I enjoy getting to know people in a deep level. I like to do this because I like collecting information that I can compare and contrast to other people. I don't do this in a structured way, it's more like I let the conversation flow naturally and as it goes on I pick up nuances of how they really think and I secretly log that stuff away for the future. It obviously can't all be accurate, I daresay it never will be.


Anyways! That's me on the surface and a cell beneath it, but I'm not going to indulge myself like this anymore, so yeah!


Nice to be here, and I look forward to discussing things with everyone!

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Welcome Amber!
I'm so surprised! Thank you everyone for such warm welcomes!
Welcome, Amber!
Hey Amber!     I'm new here too and like you i came to find intelligent discussions and people!Some of it is hard to follow sometimes but I do my best! Hope to see you on here soon!


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