This is an image of a soviet lander on Venus from decades ago...properly rendered for the first time. Venus is a nightmare planet. The surface is 460ºC (our bodies would not burn but as most oxygen is CO2...but would puff up instantly and then liquefy), the stratosphere contains sulfuric acid, the density of the air is so thick you cannot see more than a 25 meters or so away, the sun barely makes it through the clouds and the pressure on the surface is six times that of Earth. The fact that the Soviets got anything past the sulfuric acid clouds, landed properly, snapped a few photos before most of it melted (30 minutes later) is astonishing. The fact that no lander has gone back to visit the planet is not so surprising. The atmosphere is 98% carbon dioxide. It's basically the greenhouse effect times a gazillion. Visiting Venus is like visiting where Earth will be in a few Eons.

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Well, she IS the goddess of love............


Does love have a creepy yellow atmosphere around it?

Hygiene is soooo important.

So, it depends.

Well, if there's Depends, then, yes...


Looks like a yellow version a mars...  One day we're gonna land on something that looks interesting! I'm hoping one of the Jupiter/Saturn moons, but I'm not holding my breath.

:)  That reply should be in the Puns thread.

Read the Jupiter/Saturn moons thing I put up. Now all we have to do is get a private company to launch rockets without most of the blowing up.

Well, as its one way trips...not blowing up IS a good start....but, really, the terrifying part would be what happens if you get to the planet/moon, and, your life support systems malfunction?

If I go on a trip, and, my hotel has the HVAC break down, I can book another, sweat it out if summer, etc...but, I PROBABLY would not, say, have my blood evaporate as my individual atoms are vaporized, etc.

I write emergency plans for work sometimes for example, and, there are a LOT of factors that you need to account for, just on EARTH.

Throw in that when the windows shatter somewhere that the air that rushes in is able to kill you in under a second, etc...the contingency plans start to get VERY detailed.

When I watched The Martian" (I read the book before knowing there would be a movie, and, the book was better, but I liked the movie anyway)...

Some of the ways they did stuff was AGONIZING. All the multiple redundancy in the spacecraft...which is more than the redundancy in military aircraft...which is more than in commercial aircraft, and so forth...

Was missing in the habitat.

If every one DIES if there's a failure of a system, you need back up for your back ups.

In The Martian, had missions BEFORE his not left resources there, that he could exploit, his ass was grass.

Better to send robots that don't die so easily...have them make the Trump Saturn or whatever...and THEN book guests after some pre-grand opening events to work out the kinks/dead people.


Thanks Davis for the travelog.  I guess I wont be visiting Venus any time soon.  I cant even handle visiting the midwest in the summer, and that's not nearly as hot.


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