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This universe is infinite. I am unable to show the existence of these super worlds to you. I accept my incapability. But you are also incapable to prove directly the non-existence of these super worlds. Have you taken all over the universe and said, " Here ends the universe. Beyond this point there is no universe. This is the compound wall of the space. Your super world does not exist anywhere’’. Therefore, there is equal chance for the existence and non-existence of the super worlds according to the theory of probability.


Now let us analyse of our cases. Both of us are eating to live. The basic needs are satisfied in the cases of both of us. You have spent extra time also in earning more money, which may give you some problems of health like sugar, B.P etc., due to over enjoying. I have not earned more money and I am healthy due to normal food. None of us will carry the money with us after death. The money given to the children may also be lost in several ways. Therefore, I do not find much difference between us, once the basic needs are satisfied. I am poor because I have spent my extra time in the service of God.


Suppose after my death, you are correct and there are no super worlds. In such case what I have lost? There is no loss for me. But after your death, suppose I am correct and there are super worlds. You have lost every thing and God will not save you. Thus, even on accepting your argument, based on the equal probability, it is better to serve the Lord by sacrificing the extra time and energy for the Lord after earning the basic needs. You must read the theory of probability, which is perfectly a scientific theory.

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Only atheists deny miracles. Science keeps silent about the miracles because it cannot explain the miracles. Silence does not mean negation. In the books of science you do not find any topic with the name “denying miracles”. It only mentions the topics like light, heat, electricity etc., which are the topics of analysis of known and knowable items of the world. It never touches the unknown and unknowable aspects. In fact the uncertainty principle of Heisenberg establishes that there are certain concepts, which are beyond the accuracy of our senses and even sophisticated instruments like electron microscope etc. Therefore, science is neutral and cannot be added to atheists or theists.

The atheists are definitely in negligible minority compared to theists. Therefore, people denying miracles fall under minority only. The theists also accept the concepts proved by science, which are related to the world. These theists accept miracles also as unimaginable events about which science does not speak at all. Therefore, there is no contradiction between theists and science. The theist never says that the revolution of fan is unimaginable miracle and hence, the theists never oppose science. In fact, atheists oppose science by denying miracles about which science keeps silent.
In this world several miracles happen. The miracle is unimaginable but still it exists. The boundary of this Universe is also unimaginable, but it must exist. Therefore, the proof of the existence of unimaginable item exists in this world. In fact to give the proof of the existence of unimaginable nature, God created this unlimited Universe with unimaginable boundary. The same God shows various miracles in this world so that the existence of unimaginable nature is established; thereby the existence of unimaginable God is also established by the extension of the concept.
Theory of probability.....
In the language of probability theory you're saying the sample space contains possibilities: A and G.
A means no god.
G means god.
Therefore p(A) + p(G) = 1 (by axioms of probability theory)

This in no way implies that p(A) = p(G) = 1/2
Perhaps p(A)=1 and p(G)=0

Perhaps there is a god. Maybe Christians have the right god, maybe it's the Jews who are correct. Maybe nobody is correct and the real god has eluded us and a new religion should be created. There's no limit to to what you can decide to worship as a god, or what characteristics you can give him or her, or what entrance requirements you can place on heaven. Let's say there are hundreds, thousands, or even an infinite number of possible different gods that could be worshipped. Picking the right one to get into heaven is a great gamble. To that you might say: "It's better to gamble and have a chance, than to abstain and be certain of loss."

Perhaps God will be offended if your reason to believe is just a gamble and not allow you in to heaven.

Maybe God likes sceptics. Maybe he is only an observer, completely uninvolved in our world leaving no trace or evidence for his existence, and finds the thought of people worshipping gods offensive or deplorable, and will only allow the sceptic and atheist in to heaven.

Lots of religions mention worshipping other gods as a bad thing. Perhaps if you worship nothing, then after you die explain to God that you would rather worship nothing than offend her/him by worshipping the wrong thing she/he will be understanding.

Perhaps God does not care what you believe.

The point being; it doesn't matter what you believe in during your life. Assuming God exists; since we do not know God, he could favour any group of people, even sceptics! Allowing only her/his favoured group in to heaven.

We do not know what actions will influence what happens to us after death, surely the most applaudable way to live our lives would be to not spend time worshipping a god that may or may not exist. This extra time need not be spent making money and enjoying ones self - perhaps it could be spent helping fellow human beings.

Consider this possibility: In life we both satisfy our basic needs. I spend my spare time helping other people, you spend your spare time worshipping a god. The real god values scepticism, and values charity and allows me to enter heaven, but dislikes blind faith and deplores worship of other gods and so denies heaven to you. Maybe?

If you were a god what qualities would you look for in people, what kind of people would you allow in to heaven?


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