I went with my girlfriend to a Christian play on Sunday. I was expecting sheeps, wisemen, a baby jesus and Mary. I admit they were good actors, and the Church had definately spend time and money preparing for it. The stage had a heaven and a hell - Heaven was white with lights and beautiful music. Hell was a cave, with lights that acted as fire, super creepy death metal, and 3 evil spirits. They started showing a couple of "nerds" that met on a Christian dating website, how they waited until marriage to have sex, etc etc. They showed teenagers discussing sex, an older couple, a preacher addicted to pornography and two men fishing with their kids. They even had a fourwheeler come into the "sanctuary"!

Anyways, they portray how in each situation they had a choice to follow God or not. Everyone died (one way or another) those  who made the bad choice after dying were greeded by the creepy music and evil spirits, those that made the good choice would hear the glorious music and run around the congregation celebrating that they made it. After all, the preacher mention a friend of his who met an atheist at his death bed (so they showed a clip of how the event happened) Apparantly the atheist was claiming he was "on fire".


People cried, teens looked terrified, my girlfriend confused. And honestly, I was worried that somehow they would find out I was atheist and use me as an example. 


This is the kind of thing that happens in the South.

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Haha - why would the teens be terrified? Only people who have done something wrong would be going to hell, amirite?
I dont know, the teens looked scared, they were cryin and made their way to the altar crying for forgiveness. :)
Teens from the audience?
Just another dose of the usual carrot-and-stick that is monotheiastic religion. Of course the bible is pretty explicit in that EVERYONE who believers in gawd/jesus and prays for forgiveness of their sin goes to heavan so I'm always confused by what some christains/churches deem hell worthy and what they don't.
I'm pretty sure that apostates don't get to go to heaven - even with last minute recantations.
Yes a reenactment.


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