There is a Facebook Group that advocates removing your hat for the National Anthem. Most of us were taught to do that as kids. But why? Where does this tradition come from? Turns out it has to do with 1 Corinthians 11. (1) Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ. (4) Every man who prays or prophesies with his head covered dishonors his head. (7) A man ought not to cover his head; for he is the image and glory of God. Link to full text

I've known this for a decade and haven't removed my hat since. I'm waiting for the day to take this issue on as a religious matter. I'm intentionally baiting. Yeah Yeah, I'm an ass. I might have to wait until I have kids because I'm not the kind of guy that people choose to push around. I'm not the path of least resistance. One day someone will remove my kids hat and I guess I'll be into my late 40's before I get to take the matter on and teach my children to stand up and not be cajoled into fitting in. 

If you didn't know about that passage and reasoning before, who will change now? Who will not change? Read the full text and recognize that it's entirely sexist. Women must cover, men must not. Why would one keep this tradition if you know that it's sexist and religious if you are not sexist and religious? There are a pile of traditions that shouldn't be observed and many that have been removed. This is just one of them that should be next on the long list for non-believers. Will you stand and be recognized as not being a Christian?     

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On the phone, forgive typos please. I'll accept the criticism that it's petty. The purpose wasn't because it bothers me that others do it. I saw someone that I know to be an atheist join this group advocating it. A better analogy than the planet names (of course from my perpective) would be that society required me to do something in honor of Juno.

The removal of shoes isn't the same in my view. That's clearly a cultural norm , and it has practical purposes. To come up with a clear analog, I think that it would have to be in the guise of a ceremony, like the national anthem is done. But I acccept the societal norms and petty argument. As long as you know how we got here.
I think that I will start donning a burqa for the National Anthem; I'll carry one in my purse just for the occasion.


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