Please send me a personal PM if you think your personal blog is worth adding to the loop


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I seem to have a prob adding anything from facebook, any chance if a wee link

hello my blog address is check it out please, thanks
I don't know if mine is too new, but I think you may like the content.

hope you like it!
Yay! Let me know if you think my blog [The Atheist Goddess] fits!
Find it here!
A bunch of us local Winnipegger, here in Manitoba, Canada, are trying to put together an atheist film festival. I've created a tumblr blog and a twitter account for it.
My blog is in Arabic. It's atheistic and supportive of women and their rights in the middle east.
I'm an Atheist married to a Christian with a Pastor for a Father in-law. After a striking a weird deal of sorts I agreed to attend church with my wife, forever...

I am now Stuck in Church.

I blog about my experiences at

My opening post is probably worth reading first:
I currently have a project called ZachsCast but I'm trying not to make it just an atheist thing. It's about what's on in my mind and atheism tends to rear its head a lot, but I also enjoy TV, music, and general strangeness on the Web. So. Not sure if it's what you guys are looking for..?
I hope you'll consider my site -

My goal is to mix humor, creativity and disbelief in one neat little site. I am an atheist marriet to an agnostic that comes from a father that was a priest and a mother that was a nun (I know, it sounds like a sitcom). I'm fairly new and I'll be happy to add this site as a "friend". If anyone else would like to link up with me please leave a comment on the "Friends" page of my site and I'll be happy to add you. The Michigan Skeptics Association. Working to bring critical thinking, skepticism and humanism to Michigan.
It isn't really a blog but it does have a forum. It is a magazine that I started years ago and is still running online. There are many different categories from which you can read ample essays and creative prose as well as poetry.


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