Please send me a personal PM if you think your personal blog is worth adding to the loop


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Hi there,

I've just come across your site and joined up, fabulous! I'd love to be added to your roster of blogs if you would be so kind. It's in its fledgling stage but hopefully you'll like it:


new vegetarian atheist page on facebook :D opened today
My site is

Which also has a blog. y site has a mix of material on economics and religious issues.
My Facebook "Notes" as they call the blog is an eclectic, and sometimes about things not related to atheism, but important to liberals, who in my little world are mostly atheists anyway.

dear one plz go through my blog and find out is it worthy adding to the loop or not, give me some suggestion to im[prove the quality of my future blogs.

i'd like to introduce you Georgian Atheist Forum . It's in georgian languige but anyway :)
 I'm not talking about the state of Georgia, but The Republic of Georgia ;) 

Ich bin das Wort ist ich (main weblog, most texts are German, but there are also English texts, especially poems)

I am the word is I (English version of my main weblog, but not even close to being up to date yet)

My texts deal with politics, economy, the media, philsophy, religion/atheism. Other texts are poems, short stories, aphorisms, or simply some otherwise uncategorized thoughts. (Everything, if not otherwise indicated, originally by me.)


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