Hi - I'm writing an article for the BBC News website on workplace discrimination against atheists. I have seen a few stories on this site about people who felt excluded by their co-workers or even lost their job after expressing their beliefs. I would like to talk to people who have been through such an experience. You can contact me directly - my email is brianwheelerbbc@gmail.com - or share your stories in this forum.

Brian Wheeler

BBC News, Washington


**Moderator's note: After our initial message of caution to all of you we've had an opportunity to confirm that Mr. Wheeler is indeed who he says he is. Knowing this, we'd like to encourage everyone to please share their stories of discrimination in the workplace with Mr. Wheeler. We shouldn't let the opportunity of a BBC News reporter telling the world the story of very real anti-atheist discrimination pass by! He is on a deadline so you must contact him as soon as you're able to.

(Anyone interested in confirming the legitimacy of this Moderator's note may contact Nelson either on TA or by email.)**

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i call it the '20 Questions', because many of them can't take a polite "i can't discuss that". all you do by not participating in their inquisition is create an itch, in them, they seemingly have no control over.


Passion is NOT a virtue.

How about asking THEM one question :  What would be your religious beliefs had you been born in the Middle East, to Muslim parents? Then wait quietly for an answer.

How about asking THEM one question :  What would be your religious beliefs had you been born in the Middle East, to Muslim parents? Then wait quietly for an answer.


@ William - Good one!


I have something to discuss today with my co workers.

Probably because they were proselitised by some brainwashed zealot.

Hiya, I work at a place called Jason's Deli, I wont say exactly which one but its a state thats considered to be  part of the bible belt. Surprisingly Jason's Deli is supposed to be a Christian but lol, I know better. My agnostic beliefs seem to fit in pretty well. Many of the people there like me who give to shits about religion.  My last general manager was an atheist, however in all honesty he was outlined what I define as moronic atheist but all the same I suffered no oppression.

I currently work for a Christian non-profit company and am "in the closet," but I'm too afraid to come out atheist in case they fire me, or if the work environment becomes hostile or unfriendly.

Hi godless girl.  Don't sweat it.  Stay ' in the closet'.  That's what I did until I retired.  THEN I went public, big time.    I have an atheist friend who worked for a church for many years.  In fact, she receives a pension check from them monthly.  We 'met' through American Atheists, Inc. when she retired.   Makes you wonder just how many of us there were / are.  Good luck.

That's one of the basic reasons we're all "here", to find others of the same bent.  I'm in a little north central Texas town where one sees crosses from tiny and unobtrusive to big gaudy things either hanging on necks (some above very nice cleavages I might add) on t-shirts to huge tattoos on arms and necks.  I've often wondered why so many think the display of that symbol of international suppression is necessary.

You are always welcome here and I am fortunate to have found several like-minded people with whom I get together as often as possible to commiserate and speculate and discuss our wonderment at the idiocy we see all around us.

May I recommend a book?  The Story of Stupidity by James F. Welles Ph.D..  The subtitle, A History of Western Idiocy from the Days of Greece to the Moment You Saw this Book pretty much tells the prospective reader about the subject matter's stupidity, religion.  I saw it at my favorite book store, Recycled Books and Tapes in Denton, TX and it was the book's subtitle that brought me in and I paid all of $6.50 for one of the best reads I've had on the subject for some time.  His earlier book, Understanding Stupidity, An Analysis of the Premaladaptive Beliefs and Behavior of INstitutions and Organizations I have yet to acquire.  There's a web site; Google the title followed by the author's name and you'll be amazed.  The book can either be ordered on liine or even read.

Cheers and best of luck.

I was fired from my job when I was in highschool, not because I was an Atheist, but because as a particular type of Christian I worshiped on a Saturday which happened to be the day they wanted to have a mandatory meeting.  I told them the dellima and was subsequently told that I either showed up or didn't return.


Needless to say, I didn't show up and I DID return only to be told to leave.  It was blatantly directed at my beliefs (as similar as they were to  theirs), but I didn't fight it for reason two-fold.  I don't want to work around people like that and I was too immature to understand the implications of such simple intolerance.  I still am a Christian.


I hope this helps provide some prospective on your topic.

One Christian discriminating against another under the same umbrella with slightly altered "beliefs".  In other words, standard operating procedure that created little things such as The Crusades and the "Troubles" in Ireland where people, including innocents are killed simply because one group of idiots calling on the same deity with a slightly altered name suffer perceived discrimination.

I suggest you Google The Story of Stupidity. and buy the book, it will lay it all out for you.  "Stupid is as stupid does" and all religion is stupidity in action.

I will put that book on my list to read.


I think that saying my dissolution with the company is comparable to The Crusades or the Troubles would be similar to saying that either Bush or Obama is like Hitler.  I understand that using extremes to illustrate a point can be useful, but should also be kept in context.  I would say that the use of manipulation in the guise of good faith is a tactic used in many horrible atrocities, but calling two unlike things similar should not deserve merit.


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