Hi - I'm writing an article for the BBC News website on workplace discrimination against atheists. I have seen a few stories on this site about people who felt excluded by their co-workers or even lost their job after expressing their beliefs. I would like to talk to people who have been through such an experience. You can contact me directly - my email is brianwheelerbbc@gmail.com - or share your stories in this forum.

Brian Wheeler

BBC News, Washington


**Moderator's note: After our initial message of caution to all of you we've had an opportunity to confirm that Mr. Wheeler is indeed who he says he is. Knowing this, we'd like to encourage everyone to please share their stories of discrimination in the workplace with Mr. Wheeler. We shouldn't let the opportunity of a BBC News reporter telling the world the story of very real anti-atheist discrimination pass by! He is on a deadline so you must contact him as soon as you're able to.

(Anyone interested in confirming the legitimacy of this Moderator's note may contact Nelson either on TA or by email.)**

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NO, Michelob, just continue to drink the figurative kool aid of religion - whichever of the 1.000s of brands suits you.   OR, read some history books on the pagan origins of Xianity. Up to especially the 4th century.

There's a book by James F. Welles Ph.D.The Story of Stupidity"subtitled,A History of Western Idiocy from the days of Greece to the Moment You Saw this Book.  Both he and the book have my unqualified endorsement and it's a must-read for anyone, especially us atheists and most of all jesus freaks, the latter of which are just as disgusting and incredibly stupid as their brother-believers, Jews and Moslems.

I am aware of the pagan origins of Christmas, Easter, Lent, Pentacost...  I am aware of how patron saints have taken the place of gods.  I am aware that the current image we have of Jesus is based off a painting of Cesare Borgia who followed at least some Assyrian religious practices.  I am aware of that much of the Jewish population has genetic roots in Russia.  I am aware that ancient china had a monotheistic god that began to lose foothold about 10,000 years ago.

You say there is no black swan, but how can you know?  I don't know.  I doubt the existence at times, but I can admit that I don't know.

Hi Michelob,  I happen to own an albino black sheep that I would let you have for, say $5,000.00.

Is it anything like the albino black bear?  I don't think I will buy it from you.  I would just turn it into a very expensive steak!

I work in a medical residence. A family member of one the people I take care of introduced herself and immediately added "and I loooooooove Jesus!" i introduced myself without such a disclaimer. That was enough for her to tell the administrator that she felt uncomfortable with me caring for her father and that I was without compassion even though no one-- not ever her- had ever made a complaint based on anything I did. I now work on a different floor and I am not allowed to work in that wing.

@ Niall - Maybe you are better off not having a patient with a relative like that?

Niali, You are the victim of a Xianut troll.  You have my sympathy.  I have been 'defriended' by people I've known for forty plus years when they learned that I do not worship the late J.C. - if he did indeed ever exist.

There are those "friends" without whom one is better off in the end.

It's fine really. My new location is slightly easier and the staff are nice. No one there knows my beliefs- and before this job I was a Christian so no one really cared. It's fine I guess- I wish I had a better response than "Hello, my name is Niall" which is apparently the blasphemous answer

Why is also are we not putting any responsibility on the employer without a backbone?  I agree, the relative is a troll, but Niall currently works for a company who does not stand behind their people.  It is one thing for a person to rock the boat unnecessarily, but don't forget about the flip-flopping organization that accommodates the bad behavior.

For the first time in my life I have a job that completely accepts me for who I am and what I do and do not believe.  I have even posted my Pastafarian Certificate of Ordination in my classroom, framed.  My boss has needled me a little about it, but has not asked me to remove it.


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