The United States is on the verge of using military force against Syria's dictator Bashar Al Assad because of his alleged use of poison gas, and that although poison gas is definitely a weapon of mass destruction, the term "weapon of mass destruction" is never used?

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Yes, what did the US accomplish in Iraq and Afghanistan except more death on all sides and the spawning of more jihadists? We should focus on cheap, clean energy and stay the hell out of the Middle East. There are hoards of zealots just waiting for their stupid doom and gloom prophesies to come true.

We're not there because we need Iraqi or Afghan oil. That's a myth. 


Bullcrap. It's about the oil reserves and the holy lands.

That is not about where WE get our oil. I'd need some documentary proof that the holy lands have anything to do with our presence there anymore. Perhaps in the past. not the state of Israel located smack dab in the middle of the holy lands?



"...or Afghan oil. "???

"...Afghanistan expects to begin the first commercial oil production in its history...The project is operated by the China National Petroleum Corporation and is expected to eventually supply Afghanistan with its domestic energy needs so it can stop importing oil." source

I don't think Afghanistan will be exporting oil to the US anytime soon.

OK lets run this down. The US went into Iraq after Saddam on behalf of Kuwait and Saudi with our oil baron Texan president at the helm. We desecrated against Islam while staging in Saudi according to Bin Laden, another rich oil asshole. He attacked NY. We chased him into Afghanistan and got into it with the Taliban. Everyone knows Afghanistan has no oil. They don't have much of anything.

This shite never ends. Iraq is still a mess. Yeah, they are "free" now. Right. We care a lot.

We (some of us, anyway) know we have to go back to the big ole Middle East oil titty someday because we are using up everything else (ref Unseen's graph.) I think we should avoid that day. Because we will not be the only big customer by then.

And we should just forget about our involvement with Israel (and their military), the holy land, the Persians, Syria and all the Arabs and their oil. I mean really, how greedy and stupid are we? Ethically one may say the US and UK are mostly responsible for all of this strife.

@Redlilly Pond;

"Yay! lets start another war! <(sarcasm intended)"

Yea, we can take Jamaica. :D

Why are we always at war with someone?

Is that blue slice the years leading up to Pearl Harbor?

The in the picture points to a wikipedia page if you care to check that:

We never seem to get tired of war


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