So i came up with a thought

Nothing created the big bang.

And nothing created god

Both come to the same issue "Nothing created this thing or being that created something"

Have any of you ever wondered if maybe both sides are wrong if maybe the answer lays deeper then we may ever discover? What if none of what appears in front of us is even real or what if its something so simple much simpler then any of this that none of us even notice?

 have you ever wondered?

i do am i thinking to hard?

Some people say i think to hard but i cant stop.

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Hi Royal red,

I remember being a young man who was bothered by this, until I realized that I was ok with not knowing. Much fear is based on the unknown, and some of us feel like this is racket of the professionally religious. 

It also reminds of a quote which I am unable to properly attribute, "Believe those who seek the truth, and doubt those who claim to have found it."

I like that quote actually. I've heard that one before I don't know who it's from either, but I think it's a pretty good one. 


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