So i came up with a thought

Nothing created the big bang.

And nothing created god

Both come to the same issue "Nothing created this thing or being that created something"

Have any of you ever wondered if maybe both sides are wrong if maybe the answer lays deeper then we may ever discover? What if none of what appears in front of us is even real or what if its something so simple much simpler then any of this that none of us even notice?

 have you ever wondered?

i do am i thinking to hard?

Some people say i think to hard but i cant stop.

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Lets unpack this 'if' a little.

When 'I' think, I often consider that there might be something 'more' than the observed 'reality' around me. Is this social conditioning, a natural cognitive artifact(brain chemistry, function,etc), or wuwu(I leave this undefined at present)?

When I think about this something 'more', I seem to consider it as a 'recycle' of the present reality, or a fantastic 'other'.

The 'recycle' includes actors that are similar to me, not exactly the same, but with different skills that I might not have, read 'god(s)' if you like.

The 'other', could be considered the profound unknowable, that which is so far from my common existence that my speculations or suppositions would appear foolish and emthy. This could be excursions into quantum mechanics if you like.

As I have 'matured', I seem to have noticed that my mind has become to crave the 'other', over the 'recycle'. I expect that this could be because of my mathematics/philosophy interests, with a focus on thinking about processes with a multi-deminsional perspective.

Attempts at econometric modeling, corn futures, implied that more deminsions to descibe the problem is better than less, with a very good model making it's appearance at about 26 deminsions. Sadly it is unclear if there is a method to dampen out all error in the model, which then means that something still is beyond my grasp. I expect that this is what is actually ment by 'being in the mystery'.

Working with a environmental consultanting crew to count plant and soil crop parasites again opened me up to see the hidden complexity. Walking across a plowed field, digging hundreds of .5ft^3, and counting bugs was very enlightening. There were never a sample that was the same as any other. Watching for variations in slope, soil color, moisture, counts, etc, made it clear that much is hidden as drivers for the bug counts. Standing, looking out over fields that were sometimes a square mile in size or larger, one could just about visualize that complex mapping of conditions across them, with the realization that the whole planet might offer similar complexity.

Sadly, I had to move on for that next sample, and to finish the day, but that overwheming sense of wonder and mystery remains to this day. Is this something like a moment of meditation, where the fog clears for a moment and we are standing on the mountain top of perspective?         

I think that the Christian 'side' is clearly wrong.  the more specific they claim to be about something that is inherently ineffable and unknowable, the more wrong they are.  I do not wonder about that, ever, except when I listen to Christian radio for too long.  I try not to do that because it makes me feel awful.

How can the scientists be wrong when they're still working out the theory? I have to hold my judgement back until we know more...and I finish that physics PhD.

,-, Well because lets say we found the believed answer wouldn't there be more answers more questions?

idk what do u think?

What do you mean by " the believed answer?" 

Are you trying to say that an answer creates more questions? 

Yes and questions create more answers

well that "Is my opinion" :)

I'm saying I can't say they're wrong until they've worked out the theory. I have to reserve judgement.

Your response is that there will be more questions (and answers) once they work out the theory...?

That's not a bad thing. If a newer theory inspires more questions in a related field, that's a great thing. That's how we learn.

There's an old song titled "I don't believe in if anymore".

I don't get it why not question anymore at least sometimes even if people think one thing for all most sure?

This discussion is not really happening

are you trying to be dick? i can't tell.

LOL no. Solopism was a joke. I don't think there's much dickey on this site.


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