Have you ever heard a christian say "I don't believe in dinosours?"

I have had this told to me when i was a little kid and the response was "They put the bones in the wrong place" And there to big to have been real. I'm not big into caring but i wanna know if others have heard this one before too. This was a long time ago but i wonder.....(And yes i found this person insane) But i wasn't the kid to point that out id just let them realize dinosaurs was real on there own terms.

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Thankfully, no. :D

But the explanations that clergymen presented before geologists who discovered fossils were quite funny. (Yep, this was before Evolution was put forward)

"These are the bones of the animals who didn't get board on Noah's Ark and died due to the flood, this confirms the existence of Noah's Ark." Or "God put these bones to confuse you." 


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