Have you ever heard a christian say "I don't believe in dinosours?"

I have had this told to me when i was a little kid and the response was "They put the bones in the wrong place" And there to big to have been real. I'm not big into caring but i wanna know if others have heard this one before too. This was a long time ago but i wonder.....(And yes i found this person insane) But i wasn't the kid to point that out id just let them realize dinosaurs was real on there own terms.

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Never heard that one. Have you ever seen or heard someone say "God doesn't believe is atheists." That cracks me up.

I think there using it as a joke saying "God doesn't believe in Atheists" Because god believes everyone will follow him when they die thus there is no true atheists. Its ridiculous but that's what many think i would assume. But even with this being dumb and ignorant i do believe its a good little trick to be a jerk.

"God doesn't believe in Atheists"

If this were so, then why would 'atheists' exist at all? Surely, if the universe was created by 'God', a 'belief' in existence also emerged within that being. The result being the universe as a whole, coming into existence. Since humans as 'atheists' are also part of this 'creation', and this 'belief', are 'atheists' just as real and worthy as all the alternatives? If 'atheists' are such a pain in the behind to 'theists', why would 'God' even allow 'atheists' to exist? How would the existence of 'atheists' further the 'plan of God'? 

Oh i am sure they could come up with something. James i have seen people come up with many reasons, Bad or good said reasons but if we agree or disagree we cannot hate others beliefs because then we would only be just as bad as everyone else.

I heard someone say that once and i always agreed, if we don't learn to get along with others beliefs then who are we?

I also might have suggested this in a few of my postings...;p)

what part? :/ i just said what was on my mind really.

One of my Grandmothers didn't believe in them when they confused her faith.  On the one hand, she took me on a trip once that included a stop in Drumheller where the evidence of dinosaurs abounds.  She thought they were fascinating, and was very respectful to the sciency types who led some of the tours.  Later, however, when I asked why the story of Noah's ark didn't talk about such amazing creatures she just fumed that scientists couldn't possibly know whether or not such things ever existed.

The faithful would deny that the sky is blue if it conflicted with their dogma.  None of them really believe the bullshit, as near as I can tell.

I don't like to say bullshit because i don't know but yes people seem to have a way of not believing simple things.

Of course, technically the sky isn't actually blue... But you already knew that :)

Sorry to jump in but i got a kinda dumb question what does make the sky blue?

I think its something to do with the way the light bends on the way through the atmosphere.  I think it ties into why the sky can be red when the sun is low, different angle, different refraction. Its been a while since I learnt about that so I'm sure the details are off.

NASA has a good explanation with diagrams.

My attempt at a summary:

The light from the sun is white, which is made up of all colors combined. The colors have different wavelengths. Blue is the shortest and therefore easiest color to be scattered by the various molecules in the atmosphere. On a very low pollution/humidity day you'll have a very light blue almost white sky. As the sun sets its light has to travel through more atmospheric molecules to get to you, increasing the chance that the red (longest wavelength) light will be scattered.


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