Have you ever heard a christian say "I don't believe in dinosours?"

I have had this told to me when i was a little kid and the response was "They put the bones in the wrong place" And there to big to have been real. I'm not big into caring but i wanna know if others have heard this one before too. This was a long time ago but i wonder.....(And yes i found this person insane) But i wasn't the kid to point that out id just let them realize dinosaurs was real on there own terms.

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NASA has a good explanation with diagrams.

My attempt at a summary:

The light from the sun is white, which is made up of all colors combined. The colors have different wavelengths. Blue is the shortest and therefore easiest color to be scattered by the various molecules in the atmosphere. On a very low pollution/humidity day you'll have a very light blue almost white sky. As the sun sets its light has to travel through more atmospheric molecules to get to you, increasing the chance that the red (longest wavelength) light will be scattered.

:D Interesting thank you for the link too btw.

My ex father-in-law believed that they were a trick from the devil. For real. Ugh.

V.V we are doomed as a human race.

Fantastic! You've met an a-dinosaur-ist.

I don't believe in people who don't believe in dinosaurs.  I guess that would make me an a-a-dinosaur-ist-ist.  

yup, I love talking and debating with anyone with a vast range of beliefs.  I would have to draw the line on having any kind of meaningful conversation with anyone that believes dinosaurs weren't real, that the world is less than 10,000 years old or that evolution never happened.  Maybe I'm just closed minded, eh? :P

Well, you are cutting quite a swath of people out of your conversations...

I had an encounter with an a-dinosaur-ist as well.

One of the people I used to work with years ago (Mormon) said something along the following lines when we were talking about history and all that jazz; "I think dinosaurs are pretty cool and all, but I don't believe they ever existed. Satan put them here to confuse us". The conversation ended there.

I talked to a Christian before who said dinosaurs are not real and were made up in the movie Jurassic Park as a figment of the writer's imagination.  I shit you not. 

But... didn't humans eat them all?

Since they're not mentioned in the bible, any person's theory about them is as good as any other one's, right? I say that God put them their not only to test our faith in Him, but to get us to use the brains He gave us, and pay attention to science's explanation!


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