Have you ever heard a christian say "I don't believe in dinosours?"

I have had this told to me when i was a little kid and the response was "They put the bones in the wrong place" And there to big to have been real. I'm not big into caring but i wanna know if others have heard this one before too. This was a long time ago but i wonder.....(And yes i found this person insane) But i wasn't the kid to point that out id just let them realize dinosaurs was real on there own terms.

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In my several decades of life here, I've never heard of disbelief in dinosaurs. Not even from creationists.

Well it happens xD

LOL, at least they believe in fossils!

We're all still learning. Here's an interesting, new story (sorry if the format doesn't come out properly):

New fossils shed light on the origins of lions, and tigers, and bea...

IMAGE: This is a reconstruction of Dormaalcyon latouri.

New fossils from Belgium have shed light on the origin of some of the most well-known, and well-loved, modern mammals. Cats and dogs, as well as other carnivorous mammals (like bears, seals, and weasels), taxonomically called 'carnivoraformes', trace their ancestry to primitive carnivorous mammals dating back to 55 million years ago (the beginning of the time period called the Eocene). A study, published in the most recent issue of the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, discusses the origins of this group and describes new specimens of one of the earliest of these primitive taxa.

The species, dubbed Dormaalocyon latouri, had previously been found at the Belgian locality of Dormaal (thus the name of the genus). New specimens found by lead author Floréal Solé and his colleagues, allow for a better characterization of the animal, and its placement in the evolutionary history of carnivores. "Its description allows better understanding of the origination, variability and ecology of the earliest carnivoraforms", says Solé.

Are you sure you're not misstating your question? I've never heard of anyone disbelieving that dinosaurs existed. Rather they disbelieve the chronology because that would contradict their belief that the world is only 6000 years old. I'm not saying you're wrong, but that I've never heard of it, so why don't you provide a link to someone who disbelieves dinosaurs.

Many, many excuses I've heard, heres some I can remember -

  1. Planted there by the devil.
  2. 7 days of creation were longer than 7 days, the dinosaurs lived and died in this time.
  3. They were put there by god to test our faith.
  4. dinosaurs are a scientific lie. (my favourite conspiracy theory ever)
  5. The dinosaur bones are a mix of other animal bones.
  6. There are dinosaurs in the bible ezekiel 29:3 - 'great dragon' Job 40:15–24 - 'Behemoth' Isaiah 27:1 & Psalm 74:14 Job 41:1–34   - 'Leviathan' (not sure if all 3 'Leviathan' s are ment to be the same creature)

I honestly think all of the above reasons for dinosaur bones are as silly as each other.  I still remember my dear old gran.  We had quizzed her on dinosaurs, she had believe they were the 'devils work'. The next week, after having a chat with her preacher about it, she seemed happy and had changed her mind to the 7 days being longer than 7 days non scene.

I have a clear idea of why people have went so far to come to terms with the repeated discovery of dinosaur bones, but I think the last one on my list is very sad.  After all, We know the dinosaurs were dead long before we came about.  Finding dinosaur like creatures in the bible which archaeologists have not found evidence of only makes the theists job harder.

I don't have to believe in dinosaurs, their previous existence is not dependent upon my 'belief'.   

lol, how very true

No but i love dinosaurs ever sense i was just little and i think there a important part of what earth used to be. What happened long ago and well i guess ill stop there.

but yea

Funny how even the apparently kind people of god should be sweet and caring.

Apparently there just a bunch of idiots and i hate using that word but when someone denies a very important part of the world (in my mind) you don't deserve my respect. To me everything that once lived is pretty.

I prefer the term 'missguided' but I cant take away from you that the term 'bunch of idiots' is definitively accurate.

I have heard this said a few times in my life, sadly I have always been so floored by the statement that I don't have a witty comeback ready!

Maybe we should build good comebacks as part of our 'tool kit', some suggestions:

'So did you actually 'SEE' the devil do this burying of bones all over the planet, our did you just 'make it up', your assertion?

'Did you find this in the bible, or did you just make a sinful remark that is not biblical?'

'Why would the 'devil' really care about the bones? Surely there is more than enough reality around us to show you up as a fool.'

'Would this also include observations concerning the structure of the panda's thumb?'

'Does the 'devil' also have a fixation on bettles?'


'Oh my, are you sure? Which bible translations have you checked?'


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