Have you ever felt like there may have been a god because of a PURE feeling you had?

i have but i still haven't come to what it was yet, i don't know if it was a god.

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Nope i am agnostic i don't know if there is or isn't a god but i don't think anyone can claim to know so yes "It may have been a god" "It may not have been a god" I don't think it was then i wonder if it was and i got back and forth.

I simply don't know.

When I was once extremely high on pot I had a pure feeling that I was connected deeply with the sofa I was lying on. I think this is actually more meaningful than anyone who feels god at a moment of euforia. This is because the sofa was real and I was touching it. Though I was also in an altered state...and my mind exaggerated the connection. But it was an interesting evening. I was craving for Graham crackers and I tragically had none.

Actually, depending on the "feeling" or specific set of emotions and sensations that you would experience during these times, these things can likely be experimentally recreated. For example, emotions and sensations associated with unexplained terror can be recreated with subsonic (i believe 16-19 Hz) frequency sounds and sensations and emotions associated with being watched even when no one is around (the "God/Jesus is watching" feelings) can be reproduced by transcranial stimulation of certain areas of the parietal and temporal lobes of the brain. We do unconsciously detect a lot more than we can often verbalize about but our psychology is such that we look for explanations and need to "fill in gaps". Very often, collectively, as humans, when something occurs within our sensory world that we may or may not be able to verbalize and communicate about and doesn't have an easily identifiable explanation, we'll make one up, even if it means making wild logical leaps and tenuous connections or reaching into our imaginations to explain these events.

I have experienced wonder and awe at the beauty and vastness of nature and the universe. All without god.

I did have a "born-again" experience or something very much like one. I was feeling quite alone in my beliefs and finally started looking online for others. After finding out there weren't just a few others like me but many I felt an amazing feeling wash over me that felt like a renewal to know I wasn't alone in not believing in any god. Yeah, I'm a born-again atheist.

That's good you found people who see the same things as you sometimes i wish i could find that but. being i have a religion i'm just starting to notice that would be my own after thinking about it. I hope wish i could find that place as with everyone else.

 And about wonder and that beauty i can relate to that too :) the universe is pretty.


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