This is a discussion in the form of a question that has been bothering me for some time. I will have to be more discreet about what I write on this site, because someone in my Christian family (at least one, probably more) has been snooping on my activities on this site through their own computer(s). 

I finally found out about the extent of the snooping when the individual came to me and accused me of being a biggot; of being a person that hates religious people. They think I'm being "brainwashed" by all of you, that you are a "dangerous crowd" and a "bad influence." The person who approached me and accused me of being prejudiced against religious people said that this entire site is full of biggots that hate Christians. I have denied it to myself over and over. Tried to convince myself that I fight only against RELIGIONISTS - those who try to impose their views by force, and not religious people who practice in private. But... I can't deny that I do not approve of childhood indoctrination or religion in general. I try to keep this to myself around my deeply religious moderate christian family. But, I do read books about this and talk about this.


So... I find myself wondering... Do I hate religious people? How would I know if I was prejudiced against them. I am very angry at them for the way they treat me on a regular basis... (they look at me either with pity or anger and sometimes act like I'm something slimy that got stuck to their shoe). But is anger the same as hate?

Do you hate religious people? I can't seem to answer my own questions... so I need a little help.

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Please!  That is such nonsense.  I have been an atheist for decades.  The intolerance and persecution that have been aimed at me have simply been unbelievable.  Any perusal of religious versus atheist websites reveals far more intolerance, hatred and vitriol on the part of the religious toward atheists than vice versa.  In fact, many religious or pro-religious websites are well known for actively and quickly editing user comments to delete hateful and threatening posts because their religious owners know the comments prove what horrible, immoral people they really are.  Here is an example:

Wow, Mo, great link!


Should I be as stunned as I am at so many willing ti KILL in the name of their ideology?

No, you shouldn't be stunned, but I see you live in the Pacific Northwest.  If you have lived there (or other reasonably tolerant places) your whole life, then your surprise isn't surprising.  I have found that non-believers who have never lived in the heart of the bible belt often don't realize how bad the religious can be.  Having grown up in a fundamentalist family in the worst of the bible belt I find none of this surprising.

Now,I'm truly embarrassed. I gee up in the buckle: Oklahoma! I managed to take refuge up here in the PNW about two years ago. In Oklahoma I didn't talk much on religion with friends because I knew it would end our loosely bound relation. In the PNW, yes you're right. It's. Much better.  The Christians I was around in OK were soooo on display with their sense of moral superiority.  They're so fake even to each other, acting the way they think their god wants them to act...outwardly.  But of course, they're often so torn with self guilt trying to conform to the fabricated reality model of the Bible... maybe I would lash out too under such mental duress.

That sucks.. but this is how I look at religious people: I hate their religion, but not them, I just feel sorry for them that they're wasting their life and are brainwashed by their parents or other religious people, and I think they're a little stupid, because they don't use their brains properly etc...

Some of my favorite people in the world are religious. My late grandmother was the sweetest lady imaginable, and devoutly Catholic. One of my best friends is Jewish, and I never pass on an invite to his Seder dinners. I definitely do not hate religious people. Religion, however is another story. While some people I know have found a way to reconcile the good & evil of their religions, there are too many people in the world who are unable to do that, and they proudly adopt every evil their religion preaches, sometimes to the exclusion of the good parts. I would much rather people think for themselves and use a little logic in determining what is good and evil, rather than taking the word of their preacher, or the translated and politically edited words of some illiterate bronze-age goatherd.

Are you prejudice? Perhaps. Probably. It's hard not to be with large groups. The fact that you are asking the question demonstrates that there are probably limits to your prejudice as well; that it is not set in stone.

As for myself, do I hate religious people? No. I mostly don't have emotional reactions to religion on the whole.

Am I prejudiced toward them? Yes. You can't look at any larger grouping of individuals without forming some prejudices. When it comes to the religious, I am looking at the group largely as an outsider trying to establish some sense of common behaviour averaged out across the population. When looking at the group, I am looking for what is statistically true.

Am I bigoted toward them? For the most part I am not. The group is the group, but I will treat individuals as individuals when I encounter them. I fully accept that not every member of the group (and the numerous subgroups) is an identical clone of the others, so while I may make broad statements about the larger group, I try my best not to pigeonhole individual believers. That said, I won't do the reverse either; I won't redefine the group based on outliers.

For example, I regard Catholicism as homophobic. I would expect Catholics, on average, to display a similar level of homophobia as the group to which they belong. When I meet an individual Catholic, I have some prejudice in this regard, but I will drop it as soon as they show themselves to be an exception. I don't religiously hold them to my prejudice. That doesn't mean I'm going to reverse my opinion of the group based just on a few encounters with individuals.

I don't see anything wrong with that.
hate religious people ? a way, yes.

i hate them for what they have done to the society, to knowledge, to laws.

once my mom said, "you need god", i'm bewildered....for what i need him/her/them/it ? for me to be calm ? oh i'm sorry...the only reason i'm flipped mostly because someone messing around my stuffs and when someone said i need god.

most of the time, i wouldnt give a c__p to anyone religion, but when they tried to shut my ear with it....they better be walking away.
Now,I'm truly embarrassed. I gee up in the buckle: Oklahoma! I managed to take refuge up here in the PNW about two years ago. In Oklahoma I didn't talk much on religion with friends because I knew it would end our loosely bound relation. Here, yes you're right. It's. Much better.


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