This is a discussion in the form of a question that has been bothering me for some time. I will have to be more discreet about what I write on this site, because someone in my Christian family (at least one, probably more) has been snooping on my activities on this site through their own computer(s). 

I finally found out about the extent of the snooping when the individual came to me and accused me of being a biggot; of being a person that hates religious people. They think I'm being "brainwashed" by all of you, that you are a "dangerous crowd" and a "bad influence." The person who approached me and accused me of being prejudiced against religious people said that this entire site is full of biggots that hate Christians. I have denied it to myself over and over. Tried to convince myself that I fight only against RELIGIONISTS - those who try to impose their views by force, and not religious people who practice in private. But... I can't deny that I do not approve of childhood indoctrination or religion in general. I try to keep this to myself around my deeply religious moderate christian family. But, I do read books about this and talk about this.


So... I find myself wondering... Do I hate religious people? How would I know if I was prejudiced against them. I am very angry at them for the way they treat me on a regular basis... (they look at me either with pity or anger and sometimes act like I'm something slimy that got stuck to their shoe). But is anger the same as hate?

Do you hate religious people? I can't seem to answer my own questions... so I need a little help.

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Hmmm.... Do I hate the pope and wish him death? Certainly , I do. Do I hate a poor , struggling single mother or single father raising multiple children and asking God to guide them every morning so they can make the right decisions and empower them to keep working to put food on the table for their children? Certainly , I do not. I hate religious leaders for lying to their flock and withholding valuable information , like textual criticism , philosophy that is counter to their doctrines (Logical contradictions of Gods attributes , etc.) and for instilling doctrines that terrify children (abortion and condoms being a sin , hellfire , etc) and preventing them from seeing the world with the eyes of a free thinker.
I don't hate the followers because they were born that way and are mostly ignorant to the true academia and criticism and other world views out there.
Hope that helps. 


If hating religious leaders makes me a bigot , I would be proud to be labeled as such.  

I’d think that most rational atheists don’t hate Christians. To make such a blanket statement saying otherwise is slanderous and frankly, ignorant.

Any disdain or anger dished out is usually done so on a case by case basis, and it’s almost always in response to a personal attack or something that otherwise affects the quality of life (hey, even some atheists are just assholes).

I try not to judge people based on their religious affiliation simply because I don’t care. The act of worshiping some imaginary creature in the sky and making arbitrary sets of rules based on fairytales that govern the actions of cult members is of little consequence to me.  It’s only when certain sects or individuals of this cult attack my views or disseminate unjustified judgments and punishments onto the rest of the world that there is a problem and a counter response is called for.

I think if anything it’s more reasonable to say that atheists have a list of certain things that are commonly associated with Christianity that we dislike or hate, such as: gender discrimination, reproductive rights issues, indoctrination of children, bigotry, etc.

To borrow a phrase from the Christian play-book: “Hate the sin not the sinner,” well… unless the sinner is just an asshole, then go ahead and hate them too.

I think you also have to realize that engaging in civil debate that challenges their beliefs is often misconstrued as a personal attack on them and their religion… and I think this is probably where most of the blanket statements against atheists are drawn from… from their own insecurities.   

I don't hate anyone. I don't even hate the worst Islamic terrorist. I pity them - despise them - and even feel sorry for them and their families that they are so brainwashed and a burden on humanity - but hating is an evil world that tends to come from religious belief and the divisions that are naturally created with the "in group vs. out group" mentality.

The word hate is not a part of who I am. I believe hatred is a sickness.

I don't believe that you hate religious people. You can hate religion without hating the individual members of religion. The way I see it, religious people are the ones who are brainwashed into believeing in a god(s), and most of them were just raised by their parents to be one religion or another. They didn't really feel like they had a choice in the matter, and most of them didn't, lest they be ostracized by their family. So, it's not rerally their fault that they are religious. Think of religion as a decision that a person has made, and hate their choice, not them as a whole person.

Hate the game, not the players, as they say.



Mostly I don't think it is hate. I think it is the deep frustration that people can be so stupid as to believe in fairy tales which ultimately affects their actions and way of life.

   Hey, I don't hate Christians.  Some - all - of my best friends are Christians.  The lady with whom I'm in love is a Christian.  I just think they're all incredibly stupid.

They are not 'stupid', they are ignorant. There is a HUGE difference!   :)


Agreed they are not stupid, but some of them aren't ignorant either. [both of my parents have masters degrees from public colleges]. It seems more like they are brainwashed. [My family at least] is able to be reasonable about everything else BUT religion.

"Hate" is an extreamly strong word that is used way too lightly IMO. I don't even allow it said in my home, especially when referring to people.
I really dislike religion itself (especially Christianity, mostly due to more experience with it.... and more "hatred" from then than anyone else). But I don't dislike the people... most of them. My family and friends, for example are some of the most wonderful and accepting Christian people I know.... I don't dislike them at all (religiously speaking)..... Like you, I dislike the ones who tend to damn us, wont even give us a chance and wish death on us.... Yea, those kind. Oh yea.... Also the ways of the ones who are always trying to save us, lol.
There are very few Atheists that "hate" Christians as a whole.... I don't think you are one of them.

I think they might fear you, well not you, but the cognitive dissonance you cause by example. Some Christians, Muslims even worse at that, are so indoctrinated to think that one who does not believe in God must be the epitome of immorality, the black plague personified, evil to the core and an inexhaustible source of tribulations.

So to see what appears to be an upright, seemingly virtuous person outrageously lacking in anger and unaffected even in the slightest with any of the anticipated afflictions, despite being happily atheistic and defiantly irreligious, does not compute.

To restore religio-logical integrity you must therefore either be maliciously hiding the evil inside you, like a boiling sea of hate underneath a calm and serene surface, or be honestly mislead, seduced by devious powers with evil intentions.

Personally I lack the concentration and the interest to keep track of all my hate.

heh... i think it's #2. They don't think I'm evil. They think I'm being influenced by a group of bad eggs [you guys] and constantly like to point out that they have atheist "friends" who aren't as "hateful."

[What few of these atheist "friends" I have seen, don't say anything about religion/ atheism in public - then again... neither do I - usually]

Simple.Respect everyone regardless of belief and if both parties wish to discuss their opinions then share.Atheists say Christians are prejudiced against them,etc.But,I have read enough hate flled posts by atheists and their sites to know they really dish it out (which is their right) in spades too.So let's be frank.


Faith is a personal matter, but can be shared like anything else provided the other person is respected.Sometimes both sides get heated up as both are human ,but it is somehing to strive for -a sound debate or exchange of ideas "Debate your cause with your neighbor."

There are are good Christians(I have seen them giving to the poor with long hours giving money and time with no one knowing and they were fine with that)and there are bad ones.There are good atheists and bad ones like Stalin.It's an individual matter not a herd or group issue actually.


As to life after death and the judgement,etc.; that will be known to each at death.And if both parties don't know then it's sleep forever,and if they do 'know' well,that's another discussion.

 In the mean time treat all with respect! Doesn't mean we can't joke and tease and we all get a little testy, but in the end everyone must must be free to speak their minds,etc.We are all human beings and humor is a part of our nature,but in the end we must all want for others free speech,etc.


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