Me and a few other atheists have been debating with a bunch of Christians online, and it seems one of them sent a rather nasty email to one of my friends, rather than posting this sleazy reply on the debate itself.

"what you are is pathetic, and your wish for no God and or heaven is granted to you....... drink lots of water now for I assure you it will be Hot where you are going when you die...... nothing personal, just a fact retard..."

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Actually I think it is christian of them to not be open to other views. Its not very moderate christian of them might fit better
I think it is very christian. The bible is full of instances of calling someone who disagrees a fool. The best example- the fool has said in his heart there is no god.
Wow, can you FEEL the love coming from that person?!
Fact?  What do religous nutball's know about facts? Nothing. How do they get thru life?
The evidence supporting that "fact" of Hell is quite elusive. The evidence for being able to feel heat without a nervous system is even harder to verify.

The evidence for being able to feel heat without a nervous system is even harder to verify.



Whenever I enquire about this they always seem to make up some excuse or resort to magic.

A jerk, by any other name, is still a jerk.

I have something called "The Asshole Equation"

The Asshole Equation:

-Your race is not a factor

-Your religion is not a factor

-Your intelligence is not a factor

-Only your actions towards others are a factor.

And if you treat others like shit, you are an asshole. I don't care what you think justifies it.


This is how I explain to people who I decline to speak with why it's not that they're black, is that they called me a bitch when I just wanna ride the bus in peace.

lol, the more I see of christians.  The happier I am that I am no longer one of them.
I was never one but I agree. the more I learn the less I 'feel god's love'
lol, well said matthias.


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