Me and a few other atheists have been debating with a bunch of Christians online, and it seems one of them sent a rather nasty email to one of my friends, rather than posting this sleazy reply on the debate itself.

"what you are is pathetic, and your wish for no God and or heaven is granted to you....... drink lots of water now for I assure you it will be Hot where you are going when you die...... nothing personal, just a fact retard..."

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Yeah.  "Nothing personal... retard"  just kinda says all you need to know, doesn't it?


And since when does "atheist" mean "wishing for no God or heaven"?  Hell I'd LOVE it if there were a heaven.  But there ain't.

My thoughts exactly. I wish there were someone in the sky that could magically help us out when we needed it. but there doesn't seem to be, and i cant bring myself to pretend there is.
I completely agree. and if there was would any of the shi* thats happening in the world happen? I want an answer Jesus! lol
And not a very good one at that.
LOL, gotta love the theist, at least they give me something to laugh about lmao

This statement is synonymous with: 


"I concede defeat in the debate as I don't have any rational justification for defending my beliefs.  Therefore , instead of being a gentleman and admitting so, I will now cowardly seek out to offend you via online communication."  



Ugh. What an asshole. I'm assuming he'd class himself as "moderate."


That's really what this is, they got upset that you were winning or not outright conceding to their superiorness, and they sort of dissolve into being angry and reminding themselves that although you won, they lost, they still think you're going to hell.

I think this is how rich people who make money off of near-poor people console themselves at the end of the day. "I have no morals--but HEY--money yay! Get me a hooker and a solid gold toilet!"

"Drink lots of water NOW, hot where you're going"? I'm guessing he thinks you have a hump for storing water like a bloody camel (and for the record, I know camels don't store water in their humps... somehow doubt if he does though!!!)

Camel Hump is actually really tasty, apparently.

And it's all Fat. Anthony Bourdain shared one, in a tent. They ate with their hands. It looked like a good party.

Also, as a writer, their little quip needs a lot of work. How does drinking lots of water now work? Better would be "better move to a colder place to live and enjoy the nice weather while you can". At least it'd make some SENSE.

He needs an editor for his insults.

Feel the love lol.
Oh well. Another fool. Life goes on. (talking about the original comment)


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