Why is hate still a thing? Hate does nothing but cause wars. That's what wars are based from hatred is the base of war. The Holocaust happened because of one mans hatred of one group of people now I'm 13 years old and me and my friend get into some serious topics like hate. There is no point. Now I bet at some point in your life you said you hated someone but is that actually how you feel. You don't hate someone because hatred is a really strong dislike for someone or something. There are people who died from hatred, like wars, murder, and many other acts of hatred.   

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Hey Hunter! How awesome is it that you can have this kind of discussion with your friends! Wars are a tricky subject, mostly they were fought for territory or mineral access. Sometimes for religious dominance.

Hunter, your assessment of the holocaust is not exactly right. It is not that simple. Germany has a long history of anti-semitism. Jews were resented, reviled and scapegoated by the masses. German citizens were quick to persecute Jews in the build-up to the holocaust. Hitler youth, originally voluntary, had German kids joining overwhelmingly. And it was a perfect storm of economic conditions that led to the scapegoating and genocide. And don't forget there were other groups who were liquidated. 

It is incredibly frustrating to observe history and wonder what is wrong with us. Hatred plays a role in wars.But it is not that simple. Sometimes wars are fought out of sheer aggression to acquire land and resources or because of competing economic interests.  Inevitably propaganda is used to portray the enemy as less human. People are amenable to manipulation by political leaders and their jingoism to fight in these wars after indoctrination by churches, schools and the state. Indoctrination promotes obedience and blind allegiance. Thinking and questioning curbs the power of church and state to commit atrocities, oppression, wars...etc.

If you cannot or will not think for yourself you will believe and act upon the hateful lies of church and state and perpetuate the mindless hatred that has come down through the centuries and is still going strongly. 

Hunter, it is so wonderful to see a young individual like yourself thinking on such lines!

But we must also unpack this hate and realize the complexities behind it, and not make the mistake of claiming to understand a global catastrophe in one plain word.

Remember, hate is what we think they had while committing those atrocities. This is not what they might of had felt. At times I feel that the amount of loss of human life in the Holocaust takes more of indifference than it takes hate. You become indifferent to the humanity of someone else, you refuse to acknowledge it and hence you destroy something which in your mind was never human to begin with.

Same can be applied to Gay conversion therapies, they do not hate gay people...they love them and are only trying to save them. And to god too, god doesn't hate atheists...he loves them and he wants to show them the right path...by threatening them will hell.

A thirteen or fourteen year old kid who ends up becoming a suicide bomber and blows up a 100 people in a crowded marketplace, was too young to know and hence hate all those people. But he wasn't too young to be brainwashed into believing some extremist religious narrative, which eventually lead to the loss of life.

Hate is terrible, but if we are to understand wars and why they happen, we must come to also realize how the people who wage wars think and why they think that way.


I love everybody...except those MFers I hate. :)

Some people deserve to be hated, pedophiles for example.  And there are others deserving of the hatred of the rest of us.

What do you think of the love emotion?  Is it the opposite of hate?

I hate the guy who raped my sister, that seems fair to me.

It's a complex world Hunter with no easy answers except for the silly believers, they just "Let go and let doG."  Us non-believers have the hard job of thinking for ourselves.

My Mother used to say "Life is an Adventure", good luck on your adventure, doG speed. :)


I think what you're seeing as "hate" in some cases is the emotional manifestation of competition for resources.

One can look at the current mess in Syria as an example.  That is a multi-sided war filled with "hate".  Multiple rebel groups of mostly Sunni Arab background, government forces of Alawite background supported by Iranian Shia, Orthodox Christian minority allied with the government for protection, Russians allied with the Orthodox Christians, ISIS Sunni Arabs fighting other rebel Sunni Arabs, Kurds allied with the U.S. fighting ISIS but also fighting for a homeland with Turkey, who is allied with the U.S. and with Russia and is fighting Kurds and ISIS.


But what's really going on.  Why did this happen now?  

One reason is that the region, and Syria's western provinces in particular, have been experiencing record drought, probably as a byproduct of human-produced climate change.   That record drought came at a time when there had been a huge "baby boom" in the region that came after the Iran/Iraq war and other reductions in conflict across the region.  It's a very large, very young adult population with limited resources to begin with, caught in a severe drought that threatens their existence.

They didn't start fighting out of hate.  They started fighting out of desperation and a struggle to survive.  When you are in a desperate struggle for resources, you ally with the people who are most like you becaue they are the easiest to trust.  Your family.  Your tribe.  Your ethnic group.  Your religion.  Your nation.  The people who like the same music you do.  Whatever is most successful at uniting the group to face a common challenge.

So the root cause isn't hate.  in some ways the root cause is selfishness and indifference.  Our selfish indifference in the West to the impacts of our use of fossil fuels, for one - causing droughts, giving one ethnic group lots more resources than another in exchange for oil.  Our resistance to immigration and trade, which provides opportunities for less resource-rich areas to develop or populations to shift to areas with more resources and work.  

Theists like me call this personal selfishness and indifference "sin", but you can think of it any way you like.  It has consequences.  It ripples out into the world and causes real harm.

I'd encourage young people like you to choose personally to do something about it, and do a better job than my generation.  Fight your own selfishness in all it's little forms.  Be generous.  Help others.  Sacrifice and give your time and treasure to make things better.   Do small things like bike to school or install solar panels or plant trees to reduce your carbon footprint.  Do big things like study science or economics to help the world develop new resources and be more efficient with the resources we have so as to reduce competition and conflict.  

Don't bemoan hate.  Do something real and practical about it.  Live selflessly.   Work hard. Make the world better.

Very aptly put!

It is tantamount to understand the relationship between economics and climate change with war. Intersectionality is the way to the future ya'll!

However I would not say (and I am assuming you would agree with me) that only climate change is to blame for Syria. There is a huge amount of history involved in the making of the political ties which are tearing the region apart. We must know that history and the power players if we are to understand this area more. Also, I do credit the War on Iraq and Bush administration with the birth of ISIS and their pre 9/11 interference in Afghanistan to the birth of Taliban.

And also, there is great profit to be made in war. Wars will continue till they continue to be profitable. Reminds me of Justin Truedeu and how everyone was fawning over his pushups, visits to muslim families, inclusion of women in his government and gay rights...and at the same time cementing a 15 billion arms deal with Saudia.

Hate is an emotion that is fed by fear typically, but, can also be fed by outrage.

For example, Germany did not fight WWII to kill jews, etc.  Germany fought WWII because the terms they were stuck with at the end of WWI were very punitive, and, the population was essentially being punished by the other countries, for WWI.

As its human nature to not think you are the problem...it MUST BE something ELSE....and, historically and culturally, that part of the world was anti-Semitic, so, the easiest way to rally the country is to tell them something they agree with is true...so, the government blamed the Jews as the reason Germany fell from power.

So, hate was the fuel, but the fire was started to restore Germany to world power status.

MOST wars are FUELED by hate, but started to achieve geographical or political objectives, arch typically, to make some rich guy even richer.

So, hate and outrage is often USED to motivate the poor schmucks who die for the cause, TO be willing TO die for the cause.

The American Revolution was not fought because the American colonists hated the British...the colonists thought of THEMSELVES AS BRITISH....it was fought because the colonists were being taxed without representation in Parliament, and, Britain was sending troops to the colonies and demanding more and more money.

So, the colonists did not frame the fight as "Die to reduce the taxes!" as that is not that noble a cause in a sound bite/flyer...

...It was to" Free us of British TYRANNY!"

And so forth.

So, as a rule of thumb, wars are about money, either directly, or, indirectly, in terms of gaining a port that can be open in the winter when their other ones are frozen, or a resource such as a mineral or a trade route, etc.

The tricky part is knowing WHO is getting the money/rewards of the action...WHO benefits if they get that port, etc.

Its FRAMED as being "for the nation", but, typically, only a few benefit in a large way, say, a shipping entity/merchants who then make more money from the goods, etc.

So, to get the people riled up and willing to believe in "the cause"....campaigns to get the people angry that they can't have that port or that trade route or those oil reserves, might be started.

Similarly, religion and xenophobia are a favorite ring in the population's nose that can be yanked to get them to go where you want them to...say, tell your subjects that the XYZ on the other side of the river are kidnapping and eating their babies and cursing their fields to kill their crops, etc...

Sometimes, that's the ONLY thing they "know" about "the enemy"...so, they have "dehumanized" the enemy, step one in getting people to kill.

SO, in reality, a bunch of influential merchants spread the rumors that XYZ are evil baby eaters/sub-human monsters intent on their destruction, BECAUSE they want to take something from them by force, and, need troops.

They THEN petition the government to open a trade route/port/annex part of the other country, etc...because the country needs it, and, the people hate them anyway, etc.

So, war it started to kill the baby eaters and save the country from their impending attacks.

And so forth.

Wars can also start because the populace has lost hope, and see no way to restore balance without violence.

Starving skinny people with Ricketts, in tents, etc,  looking at fat rich people with gout, in their mansions, etc...after a point, if hungry enough and outraged at the imbalance enough, will often rise up and take what they feel they deserve.

Yes, they MIGHT hate the rich, but, if they were not starving to death, they would not go to war...and its the starvation they are really fighting, and the rich just have too much, and they, not enough.   If they were fat and happy, they would not hate the rich for it, etc.

And so forth.

At 13, it is normal to be idealistic, and to view the world through a simple lens, as you do not know enough about how the world works to have a more complex picture yet.

You WILL start to accumulate information though...and start to see how complex it all really is.

In the starvation scenario for example, if the people are taught that they will be rewarded in an afterlife, if they are meek and subservient in this one...they tend to just quietly and cooperatively starve to death, they way the rich prefer it.

If not, they might actually storm a mansion and eat some of the food, and NOT starve to death.

Some wanted socialism...a noble concept that flies in the face of human nature...in where everyone shares everything, and no one has more than anyone else...so there's no longer any poverty.

The fly in the ointment, is that some people are lazy/not cooperative/not bees or ants...and others are more ambitious and always want more than they have.

So, what happens, in reality, is that some people, knowing they get the same even if they do a crappy job...do a crappy job/minimum to avoid punishment...while others start up side jobs/black market operations to make more....and so forth....so you end up with rich and poor anyway...with a layer of enforcement to control the lazy/black market, that tends to lead to communism instead of socialism, and a police state, etc.

No system is perfect of course, and, some places DO strike a decent balance...so, there's hope.

But, remember its not hate that starts most wars, its money at the bottom of it all....even when called a crusade or religious war, etc....SOMEONE, the Vatican, merchants, someone, was making out on it.

They USE religion, hate, outrage, prejudices, etc, to fuel the fight...but, typically, its not the impetus itself.

Now, the flip side is that the ATTACKED country either folds like a cubby quail, or, fights BACK.

So, THEN the war is "To Defend the Motherland!"

If you think about it, historically, to the average Joe, it doesn't matter what his country is called....he is there because he was born there, never considered moving, and, is just farming or hammering horseshoes or whatever on a daily basis...not hammering because he's French, or German.

So, dying for the motherland SOUNDS noble...but, unless the other side is going to have changed HIS life, so he can't hammer horseshoes, and is made a slave or something...really, it would not MATTER what his country is called.

So, they then have to convince HIM that the other side would eat his babies and rape his wife and daughters, abolish the speaking of his native language, etc.

Sometimes its TRUE, and, sometimes, its not, or only partially, etc.

Making people think in terms of their country (Nationalism), is a large part of that.

Look at how opposing sports teams FANS will fight over the team superiority...that is a microcosm of nationalism...us vs them.

In southern US/Mexico...a Jose who lives 100' feet THIS way, is a US citizen, and, we want him to get a job making Fords or whatever.

If a Jose lives 100' THAT way, we DON'T want him to get a job making Fords or whatever.


Because back when we fought the Mexicans, the border went "There"...and one Jose is on one side, and, his cousin Jose, is on the OTHER side.

If the border was negotiated slightly over a bit, BOTH Joses would be employed making Fords.

So, by making a border an important "thing", it MAKES people care about other people BASED upon which side they are on...an artificial distinction.

We SHOULD care about BOTH Joses......in a perfect world.

Instead, what happens is we view the one Jose as potentially "stealing" the other Jose's job...and so forth.


I like what everyone's written, but I have to add more! It's an emotion that can arise naturally, so the most important question is how to deal with it.

I see two kinds: personal, and group.

Experiments have shown that people (and animals, to the extent their similar brain areas can be measured) don't like to be angry. When given a choice or a way out, they'll choose not to be in a situation that might anger them. Personal hate may be similar (I don't know of experiments), but it's longer-lived. Dealing with it whether you're the hater or the hatee is best solved face-to-face with either each other, or confiding with and getting the opinion of someone else. That someone else could be a friend, or a professional counselor. (I'm mostly pointing this out because I could have improved myself and my happiness a lot sooner if I had known this and found people who can help, or at least understand.)

Group hate is a more complex kind of problem that's not easy to deal with because we humans have a built-in in-group vs out-group mentality. It helped us to survive when we were evolving, but now we have to learn how to overcome those built-in urges if we want all humans to evolve without killing each other. How do we get ISIS to accept other people who have different religious beliefs? I personally feel that the only possible solution has to come from within the moderate Muslim community, i.e. empowering them to resist the radical Muslims. Many people think this isn't possible, but I personally cannot think of any other solution.

I just generalize my theory to say "freedom and tolerance" should be our ultimate goals, meaning we sometimes have to "fight" to stop those who want to penalize others just for being different from them.

loving your categorization of hate within a private and public space, and it's evolutionary need.

However, just a small comment. Why use the term Moderate Muslim? This is a term I have gotten very accustomed while watching to Fox news, which propositions that moderate muslims as apposed to ALL other plain muslims are terrorists. I am hoping I would not have to explain the problematic nature of this assumption.

And I am afraid, the trouble is not with empowering just the Muslim community, because that implies that it is the sole fault of the muslim community as well for the growth and propagation of terrorist organizations. If anything else, muslims have suffered more at the hands of ISIS and Taliban by a very very long shot. But what is even more interesting is that Muslims have suffered doubly, not just at the hands of these terrorists but also other powers that be, which hold the whole muslim population responsible for the acts of some lunatics. So we're kinda being beaten up at both fronts here and being cornered. And I say "we" because being muslim is not just something that I believe in, it is the passport that I carry, the color of my skin, the language I speak and the culture that I belong to. It would be foolish to assume that the "muslim" identity in this day and age is only limited to a belief in Islam.

Hate has little or nothing to do as a causative factor for wars. It's more of a factor in pogroms, ethnic cleansing, and stuff like that. Hitler didn't prosecute a "war" against Jews, though he used pre-existing hatred and economic mythology about the Jews to build support for his land grabs. 

Two facts:

1) Almost all wars have an economic cause or a territory dispute behind them.

2) Almost all wars other than civil wars are fought between different language groups.

Hate is more responsible for one-on-one murder than war.


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