Some people seem to believe that atheists are hateful. They think we don't care about anyone or anything that we just sit around making fun of religion and thinking that we are sooo much better then all the religious folks out there in the world. Here's my question: Are we hateful? Do we think we are so much better then the religious? If some of us are then why is it ok when that's what some or most evangelicals do??? Why be so intolerant? I understand some religious people try to sneak there religion into the government and that's wrong and we must fight that but not all of them want religion in the government. Some people feel that we are trying to push our unbelief onto them which isn't true, is it?

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On either side of the issue you will find the Line In The Sand drawing individuals.

They are usually the loudest, most negative and strident in the groups. And that is what draws the most attention and contributes to the negative image that spoils whatever positive message there is to be had.

Extremism in any shape I think is an over reaction and a mistake.

It has more to do with the individuals than the issue they try to be proponents of.

Their Faith in how right they are and in themselves is as cancerous and corrosive as religious faith.

And a symptom of how much they have yet to learn.

I think the truly enlightened, positive and wise person realizes they dont have to convince anyone of anything. People learn at their own pace and eventually reach the only logical conclusion there is or they dont. Some of us do need a helping hand and or some guidance. But you dont accomplish that by pushing people away by insisting they conform or choose a side.

No, no, because that's them, don't, not all, sometimes for some of us.

I think humans have in their genes the tendency to push their opinions forcefully onto others. We, as progressive thinkers should try to use more of our brains than emotions. I am convinced that extremism is born of immature and uncotrollable emotions. It is on plantforms like these where I think mental maturity and intelligence could be harvested. We should not be trying to push our stance onto people but allow them to be until they find better ways of explaining the unexplainables. it must be borne in mind that we are not trying to disprove the existance of gods, we have not yet found the proof of their existance, what if in the near future the proof is found? The only comforting thing about our stance is that we walk with scientific findings, and the history of science is of humility, once the proof is presented, lab tested, read and re-read and accepted by the community of scientists, we shall in all humility give in to the god myth. Therefore there is no reason to be extremists and fundamentalists

I can only answer for myself. So here we go:

Are we hateful?

I am not.

Do we think we are so much better then the religious?

This is an ambiguous question. In what way do you mean? 

If some of us are then why is it ok when that's what some or most evangelicals do?

I am first human then atheist and it is possible to hate. If some atheists hate, it is a human trait.

Why be so intolerant?

I am very tolerant. You don't know how intolerant sounds till you meet a person who tells you am still your friend even if you don't believe in god like god was there when we first met.

I understand some religious people try to sneak there religion into the government and that's wrong and we must fight that but not all of them want religion in the government

Very true, but we must be vigilant to ensure no religion gets mixed up with government. They never seem to be very generous when they get their way.

Some people feel that we are trying to push our unbelief onto them which isn't true, is it?

How would you do it even if you were to try?

It's those who assume that because we don't believe in a God we are hateful, that are hateful.

Nah, just unable to step outside their own mental box.

A lot of religious folks are so sure that god exists and that it is self evident that he exists that they literally cannot imagine a reason to deny god's existence other than pique or anger at god.  Hence the accusations of hate.

Their attitude is the same attitude you'd have with a kid throwing a temper tantrum, even though he's too old to engage in such behavior.  A mixture of exasperation and impatience.

I think some atheists come across as hateful. Especially on the internet some people seem to take pleasure in destroying someone else's beliefs. It's common to atheists, Christians, everybody. There are certain people who just like to hear the sound of their own voice, and like to argue.

But as far as more mainstream atheism...I think atheists who are passionate and stand up for truth may be seen as hateful. Atheists should never be hateful, but it is good to be passionate. There is too much harm that can be done by religion for us to simply shut up and let people believe what they want to believe.

You don't have to look very far thru history to see the damage that religion can do if it becomes politically powerful. Christians killed other Christians in the 1600s, not because they were criminals, but because they were heretics. That is, they believed baptism should happen when you're grown up, instead of as a baby; or they didn't believe what the Church said was true about the Trinity; or things like that. Death penalty for thought crime is incompatible with a free society.

Christianity in the past has outlawed homosexual acts. It has outlawed adultery. I don't think anyone wants the government in their bedroom today, but some Christian politicians want to go back to those days. Christians teach distrust of science when they say evolution is a lie and the earth is only 6,000-10,000 years old. This also leads to disbelief in global warming, reducing the possibility of solutions, and affects our trust in medical science and research and vaccines and all kinds of things.

And we need to speak up, because otherwise the only voice in the room will be the Christians'. If people don't know that you can be good without God, that you can live while not believing in God....they'll believe it when Christians say the opposite.

We shouldn't be hateful. I'm not the kind of person who would ever go around insulting religion or trying to convince people they're wrong. BUT I think we do need to stand up for ourselves. We need to push the idea that atheists are sane and rational. We need to push back every time Christians say you can only be good with God. And we need to be ever-vigilant to make sure our rights are not eroded. Because erosion, over time, adds up. I do not ever want to live in a theocratic state.

"Suggesting I hate people with religion because I hate religion

Is like suggesting I hate people with cancer because I hate cancer."

-Ricky Gervais.

There are posts on this board from time to time that seem to be hateful of Christians. They are ready to pounce on any crime committed by a Christian or any Christian nutbag who claims "God told me to do it." So, yes, there can be hate in both directions.

There is a lot of hate in the Atheist community and a lot of pain. It manifests itself in ugly ways. Dwelling every day on the stupidity of zealots and the horrors of the religious past is not a healthy way to live out your non-belief. There are girls about to lose their vaginas and lots of stones waiting to be thrown. There's no time for hate.

Nice post. Bookmarked.




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