There are videos going around showing American Journalist James Foley being beheaded, and ISIS has even identified which journalist is next in case the US stops interfering with their juggernaut spreading their medieval brand of Islam.

The subject line asks, what do we do? Do we just walk away from this challenge or answer it?

Surely, a major part of the response needs to come from Europe which, in the interest of encouraging tolerance and diversity, has virtually encouraged immigration from Islamic countries. Now it seems they've allowed the seeds of ISIS in, Trojan horse fashion.

Brits hear the voice of Foley's executioner and think they hear a South London accent. This is concerning in many ways in the UK. Remember that in May of 2013, two British Islamic converts chose to murder an apparently randomly-selected British off-duty soldier with a meat cleaver and knives, and then made their identities known on video, giving up to police without much of a fight. They were proud of their grisly crime.

England, like just about all of the countries in Western Europe, has a large and growing Islamic minority. In fact, unless the immigration and birth rate are reversed, some of these countries will go Muslim within a few decades. So, the ISIS-ization of Europe, while perhaps unlikely, is far from impossible.

Who ever thought that World War 3 would end up being a multinational mission to stamp out a religious sect?

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"By the year 2050, in a mere 37 years, Britain will be a majority Muslim nation."

And I predict that 37 years later, there will be no one living in Britain that can trace their lineage back to King Henry VIII.


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