There are videos going around showing American Journalist James Foley being beheaded, and ISIS has even identified which journalist is next in case the US stops interfering with their juggernaut spreading their medieval brand of Islam.

The subject line asks, what do we do? Do we just walk away from this challenge or answer it?

Surely, a major part of the response needs to come from Europe which, in the interest of encouraging tolerance and diversity, has virtually encouraged immigration from Islamic countries. Now it seems they've allowed the seeds of ISIS in, Trojan horse fashion.

Brits hear the voice of Foley's executioner and think they hear a South London accent. This is concerning in many ways in the UK. Remember that in May of 2013, two British Islamic converts chose to murder an apparently randomly-selected British off-duty soldier with a meat cleaver and knives, and then made their identities known on video, giving up to police without much of a fight. They were proud of their grisly crime.

England, like just about all of the countries in Western Europe, has a large and growing Islamic minority. In fact, unless the immigration and birth rate are reversed, some of these countries will go Muslim within a few decades. So, the ISIS-ization of Europe, while perhaps unlikely, is far from impossible.

Who ever thought that World War 3 would end up being a multinational mission to stamp out a religious sect?

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[...]Extrapolating from those figures would mean that the Muslim population [etc ...]

But can you extrapolate those figures?

In August 2013 I was at the European Skeptics Conference where world famous statistics professor Hans Rosling gave a talk about birth figures, explaining that all those who claim that the world population will explode, are wrong. He showed that all over the world, be it in the rich countries, poor countries, or in Hindu, or Muslim countries, the rate of birth has dropped or is dropping to below the 2%. The only part of the world where this has a long way to go, are in the sub-Saharan African countries, but even here the birth figures are dropping. You can watch the entire presentation, which is in English, here: A Fact-based Worldview Through Animated Data (the link is only valid till 2018; subtitles can be switched off).

I think it would be very strange that all the Muslim countries from Iran to Saudi Arabia have birth rates close to 2%, but in Britain the Muslim would countinue to grow by 6% per year.

"By the year 2050, in a mere 37 years, Britain will be a majority Muslim nation."

And I predict that 37 years later, there will be no one living in Britain that can trace their lineage back to King Henry VIII.

Well let's see. So far there are multiple factors meaning possible danger to world's peace:

1. North Korean crisis of ideology after spreading information and let's say propaganda or opinion sharing multimedial source. Meaning "Interview". Also there is still no peace since Korean war just thruce.

2. China is starting to cooporate with Russia even more after western reaction of Ukraine crisis. Don't forget that China has imperial ambitions too for example Hong Kong and Taiwan. This means danger to Japan still partly controlled by the US wich means thread for the US.

3. Recently there has been a demonstration of formal USSR province of Chechnya against Charlie Hebdo journal and western nations wich means more power for Russia.

4. Spreading ISIS all over the Middle East. Their lands are so far only in Syria and Iraq but the ideology spread is way faster.

5. Israel X Palestina conflict is still on and so is unrest of surrounding countries.

6. Situation in Ukraine is far from stabil. Both sides are breaking thruce and Russia is clearly supporting separatists. On the Ukrainien side there are American agents on the ground. 19/1/2015 Russian military forces entered the Ukraine.

7. The same day Putin sends soldiers on the border of Finland. Russia is rising its military power and upgrading nuclear arsenal. There is possibility that Russia is supporting ISIS. Russia is looking to the Arctic claiming its oil sources russian and sending submarines to the north. The is an information and financial conflict going on already between Russia and USA.

8. Europe in terror by islamistic radicals

9. US improving relations with Kuba wich was the ace card of USSR.

What that means: I see it this way. In the next upcoming years the is going to be a short world wide conflict effecting all rich and moderate countries and all other involved (meanind Korea and area of Middle East). Events happening at these times are mostly not connected but all sides are going to take the advantage of the conflict and try to profit. This is gonna be world vs. the West (meaning USA, EU, Australia). We can expect a lot more unrest and changes in Africa and northen parts of South America and Central America and India. I expect conventional conflicts of small size in multiple places souch as Eastern Europe, Northen Europe, Middle East and North Africa. China may go south. Main battlefield is going to be not on the ground but in media, finances and cyber world. I expect US and China to begin some kind of conflict in space wich means big improvement in technology in short time forced by war as we've seen in every other big conflict. Anyway I wouldn't call it WW3 but World wide conflict of sources and information. Why? We can't afford to destroy what we are fighting for anymore.

It's The End Of Days.

@Tomas Lesak:

"Why? We can't afford to destroy what we are fighting for anymore."

When in history has that thought every stopped nations at war???

If it's not gonna happen now it's too late. And Leaders know it.

The Leaders???  Are you serious???  Which leader would you trust with your life against his/her lifestyle???

End of days is about right but it isn't from a supernatural cause, it's just plain ol' fashion human greed and hubris.

Welcome to the end of the world, strap in tight, it's going to be a bumpy ride. :(

i should point out that in no EU country did politicians have a mandate from the people for mass immigration, they never asked us because they know we would not have agreed. Ordinary people have lived with new comers longenough to know that immigration needs to be a trickle in order to allow them to be absorbed and integrated, it was the politician who came up with "multiculturalism" but then none of them have to live in areas subject to the upheavels of suddenly dumping 20,000 people with entirely different values into your small town! The push for mass immigration came from big business twisting the arms of politicians, eitherby threat or promise of non-exec seats on boards. They wanted to bring in mass cheap labor to drive down wages andneuter the unions (oh boy did that work). The unpleasent growth of the right here in European countries has been the reaction of this unilateral policy of politicians and they blind refusal to pay heed to the warnings pf people to stop and get a mandate for what they want to do and answer for what they have done. I also think your basic premise is flawed.

PART of the ISIS problem has a link to massmigration to the EU but the basis for its creation has been the last 60 years of failed US imperialism in the middle east. It has crushed democratically elected governments (Iran, Iraq for instance) to put brutal bastards in their place. It has bombed on a vast scale, blockaded, starved and invaded. It has tortured, assisnated and imprisoned and yet still seems so surprised when this pisses people off and makes then fight back. The US has done more to equip ISIS than anyone else by either support it its sometime allies, so called friendly free syrian army fighters or by building a hopeless army in Iraq.

Of course its not all the fault of the USA, much of the fuel for ISIS comes from the blight on the world that has been Israel, a state that every western country bares responsibility for. What on earth made the west think that giving away someone elses country to a bunch of jewish religeous fundementalists, many of whom were fresh from fighting an utterly brutal partisan war onthe eastern front would end well. Worse was that it has been unconditionally supported in the face of over 60 UN resolutions against it, in the face of numerous war crimes, inthe face of brutal oppression of an entire race, the continued torture of it, theft from it. All of this adds fuel to the ISIS fire and until the world, the west in particular, faces up to the almighty injustice it continues to unconditionally support muslim men from all over the globe will stream to the likes of ISIS.

Now please do not try to twist my words into some sort of support for ISIS or even that bat crappery known as islam, i for one would be overjoyed to see both vanish from the earth. I am trying to point out that everyone of our so called leaders of the last 60 years is responsible for ISIS. Greed, imperialism, corporate imperialism, and the militerism of the west has created the likes of ISIS and we need to face up to that fact. Unfortunately we will not, too much big money in the west will benefit from more conflict, too many US defence contractors want to see their income stream maintained, too many israel want conflict to help their biblical world view.

Using your logic in assessing responsibility for the creation of ISIS we can also conclude that Napoleon Bonaparte gave us the 1812 Overture.

Let's call Islam and ISIS diseases, like cancer. To fight cancer, stop smoking!

Knowing more about prevention can work a whole lot better than saying "I can fucking smoke if I want to!" and then cleaning up diseased populations. We could have prevented much of the spread of BigMos Cancer, if we had known a few decades ago what we know now about conditions that help the cancer grow.

Since you've laid out causes and openly assert they won't change, do you have a solution? or are you just pessimistic about it all and see no end to it?

If I can support Nina a bit, more than that weird, lung cancer public message I left that probably seems like I'm not connecting to reality in this thread...

I think we've lost some wars by leaping into quick "solutions" that can't actually work. Like (as you've also point out) establishing Israel as a state in other people's territory. Like supporting repressive governments (e.g. Saudi Arabia) because we commit to using their oil, thereby helping to start a cancer like Al Qaeda. Like invading and accidentally destabilizing Iraq because we think we're fighting evil and installing democracy to save the natives (or maybe even free them of the shackles of a non-Christian, non-FOX News sanctioned government?).

The disease has spread now, and it's hard to eradicate without killing a hospital full of patients. Longer term solutions need to be considered, like vaccinations, and showing the world how great we really are and how freedom can win without supporting big business (e.g. oil) carte blanche, not furthering torture as suddenly an acceptable cost of maintaining freedom, and (perhaps most importantly) recommitting to the idealism that religion and government must remain separate in order for any democracy or liberal republic to stay healthy.

The above are not quick or easy solutions, but at least they're not aimed at killing entire countries full of patients before more effective behaviors and cures can be developed and sold.


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