There are videos going around showing American Journalist James Foley being beheaded, and ISIS has even identified which journalist is next in case the US stops interfering with their juggernaut spreading their medieval brand of Islam.

The subject line asks, what do we do? Do we just walk away from this challenge or answer it?

Surely, a major part of the response needs to come from Europe which, in the interest of encouraging tolerance and diversity, has virtually encouraged immigration from Islamic countries. Now it seems they've allowed the seeds of ISIS in, Trojan horse fashion.

Brits hear the voice of Foley's executioner and think they hear a South London accent. This is concerning in many ways in the UK. Remember that in May of 2013, two British Islamic converts chose to murder an apparently randomly-selected British off-duty soldier with a meat cleaver and knives, and then made their identities known on video, giving up to police without much of a fight. They were proud of their grisly crime.

England, like just about all of the countries in Western Europe, has a large and growing Islamic minority. In fact, unless the immigration and birth rate are reversed, some of these countries will go Muslim within a few decades. So, the ISIS-ization of Europe, while perhaps unlikely, is far from impossible.

Who ever thought that World War 3 would end up being a multinational mission to stamp out a religious sect?

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Muslim radicals dearly want to have a nuclear weapon. Do you think people who behead children and put their heads up on sticks wouldn't love to bomb NYC or Los Angeles to kingdom come?

...behead children and put their heads up on sticks...

I've read that's true and I've read it's a hoax.  Do you have a reliable source one way or the other?

[...] people who behead children and put their heads up on sticks [...]

Ah yes, I now foresee several pages of dispassionate discussion to look forward to...

No, Unseen. Not yet. Hang tight my friend. I'm sure we'll all see WW3 soon enough :(

What do I mean by WW3? Since Islam has spread almost everywhere, a war in the Middle East would bring in Muslims FROM virtually everywhere. The country with the largest Muslim population isn't even in the Middle East. It's Indonesia, which is in the same general playground as Australia and New Zealand. The "front" would be pretty much everywhere.

And, as 9/11 showed, it doesn't take a lot of Muslim terrorists to do a huge amount of damage.

As many will point out, if you fight Muslims, you'll be creating more fighters.

It's hard to see (a) how to avoid doing something about ISIS and (b) be successful at it.

The US has been involved in 2 wars in the middle east for like a decade and no WW3.  Why will this be different?

Because they have the potential to go worldwide.

They're not sexy enough to go worldwide.

Thats a positive attribute I can adopt ...

And yet, their slick videos are recruiting people from all over. They may not occupy America's land mass, but suppose there is credible evidence they have managed to bring an atomic bomb into an unnamed American city and they start blackmailing the government with that threat? People with American and European passports can enter the US legally, we have thousands of miles of largely unguarded borders... What's to stop them.

Our philosophy with Al Qaeda seems to have worked pretty well. That is the philosophy of stopping them over there before they get here to do another 9/11 or worse. That may require boots on the ground.

Our philosophy with Al Qaeda seems to have worked pretty well.

And yet ISIS has risen even more powerfully. Are you really saying that boots on the ground defeats Islamic terrorism?

That sounds like the same old argument for going to war. In Vietnam it was the "domino effect": we need to stop the spread of communist aggression, today it's Hanoi tomorrow it could be D. C. Then came the Bush doctrine: we need to fight them over there so we don't have to fight them here.

Maybe Washington needs all that to sell the idea to the masses, but I don't need the gloom and doom rhetoric. Let's just keep it in perspective. These ISIS pricks are not the Nazis, they're cockroaches and should be eradicated.


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