I have been fortunate in not having been approached by evangelists saving souls anytime recently, but if I ever am, I';m inclined to ask the following questions (needless to say, this will not work with Mormons):


1. Do you believe in the Book of Mormon -- Angelo Moroni, Golden Tablets, Lost Tribe of Jews settled America, etc.?


Presuming the answer is "no":


2. But will you acknowledge that millions of educated, successful Americans do believe in it?


Presuming the answer is "yes":


3. If a false religious text can become widely accepted by in the recent past, during a time of relative peace, prosperity, democracy and education, why is it unreasonable to expect that 2,000 years ago, in a time of poverty, ignorance and political oppression an equally false religious text would also become widely accepted?


Has anyone ever tried this line of reasoning?


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Reasoning with the unreasonable?

I'm going to try that, just to see the gob-smacked expression on their face.


Thank you.

Warped Minded Christian – “It is unreasonable because that would mean I have wasted my life worshiping Jesus and when I die I will no longer exist…. And I just can’t accept that”.

I love it, but I have doubts that it would work. The types of people who proselytize seem to equate strong feelings with knowledge; they just know that they are right, otherwise why would they feel so deeply in their hearts that their beliefs are true? You can't reason with someone's feelings.

that's a great line of reasoning I'm going to try that one day.

My method is to strip down and answer the door naked. I'm NOT joking, by the way. Ironically, it has been a long since they have knocked on my door either.

Unfortunately when someone believes in a religion, such a person has already shown either an inability or unwillingness to concede to logic and reasoning on the issue, no matter what facts and logical arguments are brought to the table. 

i like it

good point




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