Has anyone noticed people are increasingly lacking conversation skills? I blame the internet.

I believe the internet is causing people to become more social awkward. Largely due to social networks like Facebook and Youtube, people are losing the ability to hold a normal conversation. For most, people indulge their laziness by simply typing, "lol" or "rofl" or by simply one wording everything like, "yeah" or "I know right?". Conversations are a thing that require some quick witted-ness, so the rest of the people dull off due to having massive amounts of time to compose a message in reply. Its almost impossible to have a conversation now.

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I know, right? lol!  just kidding... I'm afraid this isn't something I'm personally aware of, but then again I'm in my mid 40s and and it's not generally something I've noticed among my small circle of friends nor with co-workers for that matter.  it could be that I tend to be picky about the people I associate with and I don't have the patience for excessive vacuity, or maybe I'm just lucky not to have experienced this trend yet. 

See I am different.  I have a smart phone, like most everyone else I use it for facebook and youtube but I also use it to make and receive PHONE CALLS!  It almost seems as though people are afraid to speak out loud anymore.  Even bosses would rather text their employee's then actually speak to them.  I never would have thought this would ever happen to me, but after having not been fired for about 20 years last month I got fired.  That isn't even the strangest part.  The strangest part is that I got fired via E-mail.  I thought, "Really! Are you kidding me?" I really try to speak to people.  What hurts is that most of the time people will not speak to me except by written forum. 


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