After much lazy procrastination, I finally sent off my "Declaration of Defection" to the local diocese and am waiting to hear back. Does anyone have any experience with this? I think there are 3 major possibilities for a result.


1) They ignore it and do nothing.


2) They simply process it and tell me it is done.


3) (I've heard rumours that this happens) Someone will ask me to visit to discuss my choice.


I'm hoping for option 3.

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ive been contemplating that myself, i feel it is very hypocritical to stay on the rolls of the catholic church when i dont share the beliefs. I have heard that they make it very difficult to leave.
Probably could if it was not for that damn wall. I am becoming more and more convinced that the separation of church/state does more harm than good in these instances.
I asked my former church, they said they would not take me "off the books" so when they report the numbers i'm still counted. i don't really think they give a crap if you want out. Though one of the old priests said he blessed my decision to come to my own view. so that was weird and awkward but sorta amusing.
yes its all about numbers to these clowns. as long as they can claim you as a christian or jew they could give a crap if you actually believe it.
The catholic church have a procedure for quitting, they have to let me, even if they put up a fight. Quite frankly, a fight might be fun.
Man, now this is something else I need to do... They probably still have me down on role somewhere. Ugh.
I have yet to do this (the deacon at my parent's church is considered my god father), but the experience varies.  Option three does happen but it's got some random name that really isn't that much.   I think it's becoming more common just in hopes that people will say they are too busy and drop the defection.  I do wonder how many times they say it's done and leave you mostly alone but "accidentally" skip a skip and you are still counted.  This is why I don't trust numbers of members (but other church records are a researcher's best friend.
I had been thinking about doing this as well. I wonder what other sects of Christianity keep names on the books after one of theirs has fallen. If someone has switched from Catholicism to Baptist to Evangelical, are they being counted by three different faiths?
I was a member of the Anglican Catholic Church, do you have to actively leave them too?
As far as I know, all catholic/christian denominations keep records of baptisms and you should be able to 'leave' the same way I am doing.
I didnt even know that you could officially do this! Ive been an athiest for years but i'll still be on the catholic books then. How do you go about doing this? where do you get the papers from etc?
I didn't even know there was an option for such a thing. I want to do that right away!


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