If so, what were you doing for them to say such a thing?

My mother was told she would be going to hell if she didn't donate to the church. That's why she stopped going and I was fortunate enough not to have to go through that weekly torture.

Now I was told I'm going to hell because I wanted to make my grandmother happy. But to be fair, I did ask...


Anyway, I want to know if they've been that aggressive towards you guys.

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Yeah that was the most amusing answer on this forum. If you honestly think people get sent to torture for eternity for wearing blue jeans, which didn't exist during jesus's time (somehow that seems relevant) then you are batshit crazy. That sounds like the kind of person who would beat his wife for burning dinner.

That's interesting. I exclusively wear men's clothing and nobody has ever claimed it to be sinful!

Its something you hear all the time in the Bible belt..especially if you say anything that doesn't mesh with the fundy party line.  

My wife was recently told she was going to hell while she was visiting her ex step dad in the hospital.   One of his current wife's sisters was trying to make  some kind of 'biblical' point....and said to my wife.." I don't know if you believe in the bible or not'... LOL. to which my wife replied that she didn't.  (My wife doesn't hold back)..and this lady said ... "Well you are going to hell".. to which my wife replied.. "Yes, I'll be roasting in the shallow end of the lava pool"..  Which completely silenced the woman.   I wish I could have been there.

Yep. Because I wasn't going to church on Sundays. :)


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