I was watching comedy central yesterday, then some stand-up dvd's and then the simpsons (i was bored) and then a thought hit me, are there any christians that do comedy, of any kind? I know of jewish comedians Woody Allen and Sarah Silverman, of Russell Peters as an indian comedian and many more. But never of christian comedians, are they just not well known or are there not actually any. And can you be, well, funny or for people to find you funny if you are christian. Or are they just too serious to do stand-up or comedy to an audience.

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There's a more fundamental question you have to answer first: there's Jewish humor, Buddhist (or Zen) humor, Sikh humor (oh well, forget this, it's sick humor actually), there even was a Muslim-specific form of humor a few centuries back - but have you ever heard of something like Christian humor?
Good question! I love stand up and i can say that most of the comedians i really like are atheists not because they are atheists specifically but because they are just funny people. I think its because they are extremely cynical people, which is funny and also quite smart. You should check out Frankie Boyle, Jimmy Carr, Dara O'Briain and Stephen Fry. All british, all atheists, mostly very smart and some exceedingly twisted. Do not watch Jimmy Carr or Frankie Boyle is easily offended, by anything.


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